Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Mickey Lee and the Country Leaders - Country Park Jamboree

01-Ashes Of Love.mp3
02-You Ain't Woman Enough.mp3
03-It Worries Me.mp3
04-I Hear Wedding Bells And I'm In Love Again.mp3
05-The Preacher.mp3
06-Monkey On My Back.mp3
07-Behind Those Swinging Doors.mp3
08-Little Girl Love.mp3
09-I'll Sign The Papers.mp3
10-What A Way To Live.mp3
11-La Paloma.mp3
12-Our Pedro.mp3


Saturday, September 27, 2014

John A. MacDonald - Violin; Barbara MacDonald - Piano - Scottish Fiddling

01-Medley Of Cape Breton Jigs.mp3
02-Sir James Stewart (Slow Strathspey).mp3
03-My Brother Grant (Jig).mp3
04-Shady Nook (Clog).mp3
05-Miller O'Hirn (Strathspey).mp3
06-Murdoc Morrison (Strathspey).mp3
07-Briley's Brook (March).mp3
08-Buddy's Favorite (Jig).mp3
09-Victoria Road (March).mp3
10-Tulchan Lodge (Strathspey).mp3
11-Lady Francis Of Boharm's (Strathspey).mp3
12-Bonnie Ann (March).mp3


"Scotty" Le Blanc - The Fiddling French Canadian Scot

01-Colonel Stockwell (March).mp3
02-The Banks of Avon.mp3
03-The Wedding (Jig).mp3
04-The Queen's Welcome to Deeside (Strathspey).mp3
05-Miss Stevenson's Strathspey.mp3
06-Delwhinnce (Strathspey).mp3
07-Scottish Reform.mp3
08-Erchless Castle (March).mp3
09-Miss Oswald (Strathspey).mp3
10-John Wilmot Jig.mp3
11-British Press (Slow Air).mp3
12-Glen Trum (Strathspey).mp3


The Cape Breton Fiddle of Elmer Briand

01-My Beautiful Dinan.mp3
02-The Margaree Valley.mp3
03-The Loria Briand.mp3
04-The Acadian.mp3
05-My Loving Elizabeth.mp3
06-Kimmerly Jaquline.mp3
07-Anna Mae Grant's Strathspey.mp3
08-Mrs. Kathleen Beaton's Jig.mp3
09-The Temperance Reel.mp3
10-Ferguson Lake Clog.mp3
11-Beautiful Lake Ainslie (Air).mp3
12-Mr. J. Forbes Reel.mp3