Saturday, January 3, 2015

25 Old Tyme Fiddle Hits

01-Ned Landry-St. Ann's Reel.mp3
02-Brian Barron-Ragtime Annie.mp3
03-Graham Townsend-Blue Water Hornpipe.mp3
04-Graham Townsend-Listen To The Mockingbird.mp3
05-Ned Landry-McNab's Hornpipe.mp3
06-Brian Barron-Red Wing.mp3
07-Brian Barron-Turkey In The Straw.mp3
08-Bunty Petrie-The Mouth Of The Tobique.mp3
09-York County Boys-Southern Fiddle Medley.mp3
10-Carl Elliott-Shelbourne Reel.mp3
11-Carl Elliott-Snowflake Breakdown.mp3
12-Peter Dawson-Sally Goodin.mp3
13-Graham Townsend-Draggin The Bow.mp3
14-Ned Landry-Little Burnt Potato.mp3
15-Al Cherny-Shannon Waltz.mp3
16-Ned Landry-Irish Washerwoman.mp3
17-Ned Landry-Lord Alexander's Reel.mp3
18-Ned Landry-Soldier's Joy.mp3
19-Carl Elliott-Angus Campbell.mp3
20-Ned Landry-Country Waltz.mp3
21-Carl Elliott-High Level Hornpipe.mp3
22-Peter Dawson-Anne Marie Reel.mp3
23-Brian Barron-Bully Of The Town.mp3
24-Brian Barron-Hitchhiker Blues.mp3
25-Bunty Petrie-Arkansas Traveller.mp3



  1. Where in the world did you dig up the names of the fiddlers?

  2. Hi kelamuni,

    The tunes on this album were all drawn from old LPs on the Arc label. I have these records in my collection, and most have been posted here at some point. It is odd that they would issue this collection without the fiddlers credited, most of them were quite well known in Canada at the time!

    1. Hello. This record have been as well distributed outside Canada under various labels, including K-tel with these exact same track list. This could be a reason why the project did not credit the fiddlers, being mostly known here in Canada. Just a possibility. Good work here in giving those details.