Saturday, March 14, 2015

Folk Songs of Ontario

01-The Poor Little Girls of Ontario.mp3
02-The Banks of the Don.mp3
03-Johnson's Hotel.mp3
04-The Murder of F.C. Benwell.mp3
05-Maggie Howie.mp3
06-The Railroad Boy.mp3
07-The Hobo's Grave.mp3
08-The Little Indian Maid.mp3
09-The Indian's Lament.mp3
10-Sally Greer.mp3
11-The Twelfth of July.mp3
12-The Weaver.mp3
13-The Golden Vanity.mp3
14-A Fair Maid Walked in Her Father's Garden.mp3
15-In Bristol There Lived a Fair Lady.mp3
16-The Wintry Winds.mp3
17-Mary of the Wild Moor.mp3
18-The Bold Privateer.mp3
19-General Wolfe.mp3
20-What is the Life of a Man Any More Than the Leaves.mp3


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