Tuesday, May 12, 2015

16 Great Jigs and Reels by Canada's Top Fiddlers Vol. 2

01-Jimmy MacLellan-Dusty Bob's Jig & Old Red Barn Jig.mp3
02-Reg Hill-The Loggers Jig.mp3
03-Johnny Mooring-Little Burnt Potato Jig.mp3
04-Joe Murphy Band-King George IV & Dunse Ding's A.mp3
05-Graham Townsend-Prince County Jig.mp3
06-Hachey Bros. & Mary Lou-Rippling Water Jig.mp3
07-Graham Townsend-Buckingham Reel.mp3
08-Graham Townsend-St. Francis Reel.mp3
09-Jimmy MacLellan-Pride Of The Ball & Caul Kail Reels.mp3
10-June Eikhard-Journeyman's Jig.mp3
11-Reg Hill-Nellie's Jig.mp3
12-Johnny Mooring-Big John McNeil & Dusty Miller Reel.mp3
13-Jimmy Chapman-Grace McPherson's Reel.mp3
14-Johnny Mooring-Clayton Poirier Reel.mp3
15-Cye Steele-Blind Man's Reel.mp3
16-Reg Hill-The Timber Raft Jig.mp3


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