Monday, May 11, 2015

Atlantic Fiddles

01-Dave MacIsaac-The Honourable Mrs. Moules'.mp3
02-Brenda Stubbert-Willie Kennedy's.mp3
03-Howie MacDonald-The Willow Tree.mp3
04-Ashley MacIsaac-Miss Lyall's.mp3
05-Eddie Poirier-Autumn Leaf.mp3
06-Tara Lynn Touesnard-Lauchie Stubbert's.mp3
07-Lloyd MacDonald-The Earl Of Jura.mp3
08-Kim Vincent-The Drunken Landlady.mp3
09-Kyle & Lucy MacNeil-Kantra To El Arish.mp3
10-Jerry Holland-Beautiful Lake Ainslie.mp3
11-Richard Wood-From Apon Him.mp3
12-Emile Benoit-Festival Reel.mp3
13-Ned Landry-Governor General.mp3
14-Donny LeBlanc-Hill's Of Glenorchy.mp3
15-Carl MacKenzie-Glen Fiddich.mp3
16-Natalie MacMaster-John Campbell's.mp3
17-Eddie Arsenault-La Reel Du Brae.mp3


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