Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Gerry Robichaud - Banff Recordings 1960-1965

01-Shelbourne Reel.mp3
02-Bonnie Prince Charlie.mp3
03-Growling Old Man And Growling Old Woman.mp3
04-Calico Polka.mp3
05-Romeo's Jig.mp3
06-Casa Loma Hornpipe.mp3
07-Mass. Pike Reel.mp3
08-Oscar's Jig.mp3
09-Table Clog.mp3
10-Snowflake Breakdown.mp3
11-Leo Bourque Breakdown.mp3
12-Heather On The Hill.mp3
13-Golden Eagle.mp3
14-Mel's Jig.mp3
15-Village Carousel Waltz.mp3
16-Ben Rotman's Reel.mp3
17-Marilyn Bell Reel.mp3
18-Vic's Jig.mp3
19-High Level Hornpipe.mp3
20-Grandfather's Reel.mp3
21-Shannon Waltz.mp3
22-Fiddle Strings.mp3


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