Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sing Along With Michael T. Wall - The Singing Newfoundlander

01-Ocean Ranger Disaster.mp3
02-Daddy's Girl.mp3
03-Santa Claus Is A Newfie.mp3
04-I Love To Sing.mp3
05-Good Ole Country Songs.mp3
06-The Singing Newfoundlander.mp3
07-Me Newfie Licence Plate.mp3
08-First Fall Of Snow.mp3
09-Shake My Hand I'm From Newfoundland.mp3
10-Sweet Nellie And Her 18 Hr. Bra.mp3
11-Tribute To Cornerbrook.mp3
12-Discovery Of Newfoundland.mp3
13-The Newfie Bullet Story.mp3
14-Moon Man Newfie.mp3


1 comment:

  1. Many thanks for this one - are there any more by him?