Friday, June 12, 2015

Rufus Guinchard - Humouring The Tunes

01-Lizzies Jig.mp3
02-Jackson's Fancy.mp3
03-Stan Rogers.mp3
04-Sam's Jig.mp3
05-River of Ponds.mp3
06-Country Waltz.mp3
07-Jim Rumboldt's Tune #2.mp3
08-Torrent River Jig.mp3
09-The Wreck of the Steamship ''Ethie''.mp3
10-Martin Keough's Tune.mp3
11-Father's Jig.mp3
12-My Loving Little Sailor Boy.mp3
13-Sydney Pittman's Tune.mp3
14-Sally's Cove Reel.mp3
15-Free Payne's Tune Too.mp3
16-Lige Gould's Double.mp3
17-Hunt the Squirrel.mp3
18-Hughie Wentzell's Tune, Isreal Got a Rabbit.mp3
19-Prosper's Jig.mp3
20-Arthur Perry's Jig.mp3


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