Saturday, July 11, 2015

Slim Gordon - Shirley Gordon - Lonnie & Lottie - Red Barn Jamboree

01-Shirley Gordon-Red Barn Hop.mp3
02-Shirley Gordon-Tramp On The Street.mp3
03-Slim Gordon-Good Morning Stranger.mp3
04-Slim Gordon-Misery Loves Company.mp3
05-Shirley Gordon-Put My Little Shoes Away.mp3
06-Slim and Shirley Gordon-Why Daddy.mp3
07-Lonnie & Lottie-No Longer A Sweetheart Of Mine.mp3
08-Lonnie & Lottie-I Want To Be Loved.mp3
09-Lonnie & Lottie-A Long Time.mp3
10-Lonnie & Lottie-I'll Be All Smiles Tonight.mp3
11-Slim Gordon-Won't You Please Be Mine.mp3
12-Slim Gordon-Wishful Thinking.mp3


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