Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Fred Townsend - Let's Square Dance

01-Stoneboat Jig - Head Couple Forward And Back.mp3
02-Fireman's Reel - Forward Four In A Line.mp3
03-Flowers Of Edinburgh - Birdy In The Centre.mp3
04-Smash The Window - Six On The Side Forward And Back.mp3
05-Kiley's Reel - Down The Centre Cast Of Six.mp3
06-Swamp Lake Breakdown - Lady Round Gent To Follow.mp3
07-Irish Washerwoman - First Lady Step Into The Middle.mp3
08-The Girl I Left Behind Me - The Girl I Left Behind Me.mp3
09-Johnny Hamlin's Breakdown - Three By The Sashay.mp3
10-Haste To The Wedding - Dip And Dive.mp3
11-Billy In The Low Ground - Canadian Breakdown.mp3
12-Heather On The Hill - Back At Circle.mp3
13-Andy's Jig - Right And Left Four And Line.mp3
14-Waltz Quadrille - Waltz Quadrille.mp3
15-Lord MacDonald's Reel - Right Hand Six.mp3
16-Speed The Plough - Turn Your Ladies Back To Back.mp3
17-Northern Lights - Sashay By Address Your Opposite.mp3
18-Griffin's Hornpipe - Circle Three Ladies Around The Outside.mp3


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