Thursday, August 20, 2015

Graham & Eleanor Townsend - Throughout Time

01-Little Robbie's Jig.mp3
02-Concert Reel.mp3
03-1970 Shelburne Open Champion.mp3
04-Country Canada.mp3
05-St. Anne's Reel.mp3
06-CBC Radio Interview-Reel of the Blindman.mp3
07-CBC cont'd-A Scottish Strathspey.mp3
08-CBC cont'd-Greenfields of America.mp3
09-The Old Man and the Old Woman.mp3
10-End of CBC Interview.mp3
11-Mocking Bird.mp3
12-Celtic Concord Tour with the Maple Sugar group.mp3
13-1979 Shelburne Open Champion.mp3
14-CBC Radio Interview.mp3
16-CBC cont'd-Mississippi Cajun.mp3
17-Honeysuckle Rose.mp3
18-Dungannon Waltz, Waltz of the Bells.mp3
19-Backup and Push.mp3
20-Stardust Studio Talk.mp3
22-Tarbolton Reel.mp3
23-Cheticamp Reel.mp3
24-Smile the While ('Til we meet again).mp3
25-A Moment of Silence.mp3


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