Friday, September 4, 2015

Classic Country Music Stars Volume 1

01-Norm Post-Country Music.mp3
02-Diane Leigh-Cape Breton Colours.mp3
03-Chef Adams-Success.mp3
04-June Pasher-Heart Of Glass.mp3
05-Bunty Petrie-Golden Slippers.mp3
06-Lorne Hachey-Careless Hands.mp3
07-Joyce Seamone-L.A. International Airport.mp3
08-Harold MacIntyre-California Cotton Fields.mp3
09-Lucille Starr & Grant Carson-Lily Dale.mp3
10-Mickey McGivern-Grand Daddy's Clock.mp3
11-Lucille Starr & Grant Carson-Are You Teasing Me.mp3
12-Johnny Burke-This Lovin' Feeling.mp3
13-Joyce Seamone-Make Me Honest.mp3
14-Mickey McGivern-Hillbilly Funk.mp3
15-Gary Hooper-Echoes Of The Past.mp3
16-Brent Williams-Four Strong Winds.mp3
17-Chef Adams-You're The Reason.mp3
18-Diane Leigh-Sing Me A Song About Jesus.mp3
19-Harold MacIntyre-Ballad Of A Hillbilly.mp3
20-Brent Williams-Ste. Anne's Reel.mp3


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