Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Golden Fiddle Volume 2

01-Graham Townsend-Liberty Two Step.mp3
02-Graham Townsend-Ste. Anne's Reel.mp3
03-Susanne Tellier-Forky Deer.mp3
04-Bill Sawyer-Home Sweet Home.mp3
05-Smiley Bates-Fiddler's Dream.mp3
06-Smiley Bates-Soldier's Joy.mp3
07-Bunty Petrie-Crooked Stovepipe.mp3
08-John Wilmont-Dublin Reel.mp3
09-Gaetan Poirier-The Girl I Left Behind.mp3
10-Chuck Joyce-Maple Leaf Two Step.mp3
11-Bunty Petrie-My Love Is But A Lassie.mp3
12-Bunty Petrie-Old Joe Clark.mp3
13-Johnny Givens-Flop-Eared Mule.mp3
14-Graham Townsend-Clear The Track.mp3
15-Eleanor Townsend-Wildwood Waltz.mp3
16-Eleanor Townsend-Forester's Hornpipe.mp3
17-Bill Sawyer-Cock O' The North.mp3
18-Bill Sawyer-Rippling Water Jig.mp3
19-Bunty Petrie-Back Up And Push.mp3
20-Carl Elliott-Brenda's Reel.mp3
21-Bill Sawyer-Flowers Of Edinburgh.mp3
22-Gaetan Poirier-Mocking Bird Hill.mp3
23-Chuck Joyce-White River Stomp.mp3
24-Smiley Bates-Boil Them Cabbage Down.mp3
25-Johnny Givens-Rockin' Chair Jig.mp3


Thanks to Mr. Meadowlark.

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  1. Thank you for this great album - Please can we see and download the album No 1 ?