Sunday, September 6, 2015

"It's Canada" 78rpm disks presented at Aug. 10, 2003 meeting of MAPS

01-Al. Plunkett-It's Canada (The Land For Me).mp3
02-Haydn Quartet-Christ Arose.mp3
03-Simone Martucci's Venetian Garden Orchestra-Laughing Vamp.mp3
04-Shannon Four-Southern Medley.mp3
05-Peerless Quartet-The Cornfield Medley.mp3
06-Melody King's Dance Orchestra-Cat's Whiskers.mp3
07-The Windsor Hotel Orchestra-Yearning (Just For You).mp3
08-Al Plunkett-O Gee' O Gosh' O Golly, I'm In Love.mp3
09-Capt. M.W. Plunkett's Dumbell Orchestra-Horsey' Keep Your Tail Up.mp3
10-Willie Eckstein-Pickin' Cotton.mp3
11-Alan Turner and Male Chorus-The Maple Leaf Forever.mp3
12-Wilf. Carter ''The Yodeling Cowboy''-My Swiss Moonlight Lullaby.mp3
13-George Wade and His Cornhuskers-McDonald's Reel.mp3
14-The Calgary Kid (Allen Erwin)-Out On The Western Range.mp3
15-J.O. La Madeleine-Les Cinq Jumelles Reel.mp3
16-Hank, ''The Yodeling Ranger''-The Days Are Long And I'm Weary.mp3
17-Don Messer And His Islanders-Swinging To The Rhythm Of An Irish Jig.mp3
18-Earl Heywood and his Serenade Ranch Gang-Picking Flowers.mp3
19-Buddy Reynolds-Spruce Bug.mp3
20-''Hap'' Lambie-Pappy Blues.mp3
21-Jack Kingston-How Far Is She Now.mp3
22-Ward Allen-Maple Sugar.mp3



  1. Hi Lefty,

    Thanks for continuing the Canadian posts during the summer. What does MAPS stand for? I googled it and found a list of 58 possible uses of the anacronym, but none of them seem likely. Best wishes.

  2. Hi Fred,
    Thanks for the good words. In this case M.A.P.S. stands for Michigan Antique Phonograph Society!