Saturday, September 26, 2015

Memories of Earl Heywood - Canada's No. 1 Singing Cowboy

01-Alberta Waltz.mp3
02-Let's Dilly Dally Down In Lilly Valley.mp3
03-There's A New Love True Love In My Heart.mp3
04-There's An Angel That's Waiting For Mother.mp3
05-Nellie Ray.mp3
06-Smile, Smile Again.mp3
07-Your Only Ray Of Sunshine.mp3
08-I'll Tell The World I Love You.mp3
09-Why In Heaven's Name.mp3
10-Broken Down Merry-Go-Round.mp3
11-Picking Flowers.mp3
12-Tears Of St. Anne.mp3
13-Those Beautiful Big Brown Eyes.mp3
14-Three Roses And An Orchid.mp3
15-I Want A Roof Over My Head And Bread On The Table.mp3
16-Counterfeit Kisses.mp3
17-Give Me Wings.mp3
18-Old New Brunswick Moon.mp3
19-Foolish Heart.mp3
20-A Bad Penny Always Returns.mp3
21-Isle Of Campobello.mp3
22-Algonquin Waltz.mp3
23-While The Wagon Wheels Of Of Texas Roll Along.mp3
24-When The Snowbirds Cross The Rockies.mp3
25-Why Must I Wonder.mp3
26-Tellin' My Troubles To My Old Guitar.mp3


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