Saturday, September 5, 2015

Ontario Ballads & Folksongs - Field Recordings by Edith Fowke

01-Tom Brandon-Erin's Green Shore.mp3
02-O.J. Abbott-An Old Man He Courted Me.mp3
03-Mrs. Gordon Clark-I'll Go See My Love.mp3
04-Orlo Brandon-The Green Briar Shore.mp3
05-Jerry Carey-Old Erin Far Away.mp3
06-Marcelle McMahon-Sir Charles Lapier.mp3
07-O.J. Abbott-The Weaver.mp3
08-Tom Brandon-The Spree.mp3
09-Mrs. Tom Sullivan-I Love Little Willie.mp3
10-Stanley Bâby-The Long Awa' Ship.mp3
11-John Leahy-The Banks Of Inverness.mp3
12-O.J. Abbott-The Jolly Shanty Boy.mp3
13-Mrs. A. Fraser-The Jolly Raftsman O.mp3
14-Leo Gooley-The Texas Rangers.mp3
15-Mrs. William Towns-The Lakes Of Ponsereetain.mp3
16-Stanley Bâby-Red Iron Ore.mp3
17-Mrs. Hartley Minifie-I Gave Her Kisses One.mp3
18-Catharine Potts and Judy Crawford-I Am A Little Dutch Girl.mp3
19-John Leahy-The Lonesome Scenes Of Winter.mp3
20-Leo Gooley-The Tramp.mp3
21-Lotys Murrin-Willie And Kate.mp3
22-C.J.H. Snider-We're Marching Down To Old Quebec.mp3
23-Stanley Bâby-A Fenian Song.mp3


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