Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Best of Dick Nolan

01-Home Again This Year.mp3
02-The Fella That Looked Like Me.mp3
03-It's So Old But Ever New in Newfoundland.mp3
04-Japanese Gin.mp3
05-Aunt Martha's Sheep.mp3
06-Little Boats of Newfoundland.mp3
07-Piece of Bologna.mp3
08-Old Newfie Outhouse.mp3
09-Maritime Farewell.mp3
10-The Nine Thirteen.mp3
11-Shift Old Ireland.mp3
12-Me and Brother Bill.mp3
13-Old Flat Rock Hills.mp3
14-C.N. Bus.mp3
15-Thank God We're Surrounded By Water.mp3
16-Baggage Coach Ahead.mp3
17-Aunt Martha's Sheep (Re-recorded Version).mp3


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