Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Emile Benoit - Vive La Rose

01-Christina's Dream, Tootsie Wootsie.mp3
02-Neil Murray's Dinner Jig, Go To The Cape Uncle Joe, Forgotten Note.mp3
03-Noel Dinn, Pamela's Lonely Nights.mp3
04-Vive La Rose.mp3
05-Waltz In The House.mp3
06-The Land We're Walking On.mp3
07-Skipper & Company, On The Road Again, Claudine.mp3
08-Fesitval Reel, Jeff's Tune, Meech Lake Breakdown, McCormick's Breakdown.mp3
09-Sally's Waltz, Wedding Waltz.mp3
10-Fight For Your Rights.mp3
11-Jerry's Red Mountain Jig, Le Papier 'Le Gaboteur'.mp3
12-Lady Margarette.mp3
13-Brothers Farewell, Caribou Skin Nailed Around the Circle, Wayne And The Bear.mp3

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