Wednesday, October 28, 2015

O' Canada - A History in Song Sung By Alan Mills

01-Eskimo Chant (Weather Incantation).mp3
02-Iroquois Lullaby.mp3
03-A Saint-Malo, beau port de mer.mp3
04-Vive les matelots! (Long Live the Sailors!).mp3
05-The Huron Carol (Jesous Ahatonhia).mp3
06-Petit rocher (Little Rock).mp3
07-Tenaouich' Tenaga, Ouich'Ka.mp3
08-La Courte paille (The Short Straw).mp3
09-Bold Wolfe.mp3
10-Le Sergeant.mp3
11-Come All Ye Bold Canadians.mp3
12-Shannon And Chesapeake.mp3
13-Un Canadian errant (A Wandering Canadian).mp3
14-Anti-Fenian Song.mp3
15-No More Auction Block For Me.mp3
16-Anti-Confederation Song.mp3
17-Pork, Beans And Hard-Tack.mp3
18-The Maple Leaf Forever.mp3
19-O Canada!.mp3
20-La Rose blanche (The White Rose).mp3
21-The Franklin Expedition.mp3
22-The Little Old Sod Shanty.mp3
23-Bury Me Not On The Lone Prairie.mp3
24-Old Grandma.mp3
26-When The Ice Worms Nest Again.mp3

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