Friday, October 30, 2015

Stu Phillips - A Journey Through The Provinces

01-Village Blacksmith.mp3
02-Champlain And St. Lawrence Line.mp3
03-En Roulant Ma Boule.mp3
04-Donkey Riding.mp3
05-Legend Of Perce Rock.mp3
06-Horse Trader.mp3
07-Canada I-O.mp3
08-The Phantom Priest.mp3
09-Dollard Des Ormeaux.mp3
10-Madeleine De Vecheres.mp3
11-The Winter Camp.mp3
12-The Priest Who Slept One Hundred Years.mp3
13-Riverboat Captain.mp3
14-Okanagan Valley.mp3
15-Simon Gun-A-Noot.mp3
16-Mountain Boy.mp3
17-Bill Miner.mp3
18-Catherine O'Hare Schubert.mp3
19-When The Iceworms Nest Again.mp3
20-Legend Of The Fernie Fire.mp3
21-Grand Hotel.mp3
22-Bill Barker's Party.mp3
23-Alexander MacKenzie.mp3
24-Moon Over The Rockies.mp3
25-Fraser's Valley.mp3
26-Star Child.mp3
27-Almighty Voice.mp3
28-Albert Johnson.mp3
29-Chief's Lament.mp3
30-Ernest Cashel.mp3
31-White Stallion Legend.mp3
32-Nigger John.mp3
33-Bull Train.mp3
34-Banff Cave.mp3

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