Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Traditional Fiddle Music Of Cape Breton Volume 1 - Mabou Coal Mines

01-Fr. Angus Morris-The Countess of Crawford.mp3
02-Gregory Campbell-Doctor MacLeod of Alnick.mp3
03-Rannie MacLellan-The Man in the Moon.mp3
04-Alex Francis MacKay-Mr Marshall's Favorite.mp3
05-Johnny MacLeod-A Trip to Mabou Ridge.mp3
06-Fr. Angus Morris-Mo Mh…thair.mp3
07-Alex Francis MacKay-Christy Campbell.mp3
08-Gregory Campbell-The Athole Highlanders's Farewell to Loch Katrine.mp3
09-Alex Francis MacKay-Queen Elizabeth's.mp3
10-Fr. Angus Morris-A Tribute to Elizabeth Beaton.mp3
11-Rannie MacLellan-Strath-Sp‚.mp3
12-Johnny MacLeod-The Rover's Return.mp3
13-Alex Francis MacKay-The North Hunt Medley.mp3
14-Fr. Angus Morris-Captain Campbell.mp3


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