Tuesday, November 10, 2015

24 Golden Fiddle Greats

01-Eugene Laderoute-Andre's Polka.mp3
02-Mel Bedard-Shehan's Reel.mp3 
03-Boris Nowosad-Nicole Waltz.mp3
04-Haney Old Time Fiddlers-French Minuette.mp3
05-Clarence Levesque-Maple Sugar.mp3
06-The Country Ramblers-Military Schottische.mp3
07-Brian Sklar-Cotton Eyed Joe.mp3
08-Reg Bouvette-Faded Love, Maiden's Prayer.mp3
09-Marcel Meilleur-Snooky's Favorite.mp3
10-Reg Bouvette, Jr. Dougherty-I Don't Love Nobody.mp3
11-Andy Dejarlis-Red River Jig.mp3
12-Yogi Klos-Orange Blossom Special.mp3
13-Reg Bouvette-St. Laurent Breakdown.mp3
14-The Country Ramblers-Devil's Dream.mp3
15-Boris Nowosad-Fiddlin' Blue Two-Step.mp3
16-Andy Dejarlis-Over The Waves Waltz.
17-Clarence Lesvesque-Mocking Bird.mp3
18-Haney Old Time Fiddlers-Joys Of Quebec.mp3
19-Eugene Laderoute-Mom's Schottische.mp3
20-Eldon Jones-Rippling Water Jig.mp3
21-Patti Kusturok, Reg Bouvette-Backup & Push.mp3
22-The Country Ramblers-Heel Toe Polka.mp3
23-Marcel Meilleur-Sweet Lady Fingers.mp3
24-Andy Dejarlis-Butterfly Dance.mp3

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