Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Chuck Joyce - Graham Townsend Presents Great Old Time Fiddlin' Volume 1

01-Sawdust Breakdown.mp3
02-Seesaw Jig.mp3
03-Sparta Waltz.mp3
05-Cec McEachern's Breakdown.mp3
06-George's Orange Crush Reel.mp3
07-Andy's Old Time Waltz.mp3
08-Fuddle Duddle Hornpipe.mp3
09-Judy's Reel.mp3
10-Pat The Budgie Breakdown.mp3



  1. Great cover featuring the Sarnia waterfront with the Bluewwater bridge and empty up bound great lakes freighter in the background. Chuck Joyce is also featured farther up this thread on the Rancheros LP.
    How about posting the Rhythm Ramblers? as that LP also has a Sarnia waterfront cover. Windsor bands too such as Mickey Lee and the Country Leaders and John Sweeny's band . . . what were they called again? Used to play the Hiway Tavern on Walker Rd