Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Ivan Hicks - Most Requested

01-Shingle the Roof & Diamond Lil.mp3
02-NB Medley.mp3
03-Gram Lee's Waltz.mp3
04-Mothers Reel.mp3
05-Fiddler's Friends Fancy.mp3
06-New Brunswick Waltz.mp3
07-Riverview Jig, Apohaqui.mp3
08-Loggieville Two Step.mp3
09-Fundy Tides.mp3
10-Garnet's Tune.mp3
11-Purple Violet Waltz.mp3
12-Island Ferry.mp3
13-Weeping Heart.mp3
14-Florence Killen's Fiddlers Haven Hornpipe.mp3
15-Ivan and Vivian's Lament.mp3
16-Baie Ste. Anne Quadrille, Kent Co. Jig.mp3
17-Princess Reel.mp3
18-Mom & Dad's Anniversary Waltz.mp3
19-Jim, the Fiddle Maker.mp3
20-Florence Killen's Waltz.mp3
21-Winter Reel.mp3
22-Marshwinds Waltz.mp3
23-St. Anne's Reel.mp3
24-River John Sunset Waltz.mp3
25-Ragtime Annie.mp3

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