Friday, November 6, 2015

Lumbering Songs from the Ontario Shanties

01-When the Shantyboy Comes Down.mp3
02-The Jam on Jerry's Rocks.mp3
03-How We Got Back to the Woods Last Year.mp3
04-Johnny Doyle.mp3
05-Jimmy Whelan.mp3
06-Turner's Camp.mp3
07-Hogan's Lake.mp3
08-Johnny Murphy.mp3
09-The Shantyboy's Alphabet.mp3
10-Jack Haggerty.mp3
11-Bill Dunbar.mp3
12-The Basketong.mp3
13-Johnny Stiles - Johnny Styles.mp3
14-The Backwoodsman.mp3
15-Harry Dunn.mp3
16-The Falling of the Pine.mp3
17-The Chapeau Boys.mp3
18-Save Your Money While You're Young.mp3

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