Thursday, November 5, 2015

O.J. Abbott - Irish and British Songs from the Ottawa Valley

01-The Dog and the Gun - The Golden Glove.mp3
02-The Gypsy Daisy.mp3
03-The Barley Grain for Me.mp3
04-To Be a Farmer's Boy - The Farmer's Boy.mp3
05-The Silver Herrings.mp3
06-The Lass of Glenshee.mp3
07-The Colleen Bawn - Limerick is Beautiful.mp3
08-The Bunch of Water Cresses.mp3
09-The Bonny Irish Boy.mp3
10-Daniel O'Connell.mp3
11-The Mountain Dew.mp3
12-The Cruiskeen Lawn.mp3
13-A Young Man Lived in Belfast Town.mp3
14-The Plains of Waterloo.mp3
15-The Green Linnet.mp3
16-Kelly the Pirate.mp3
17-Captain Coldstein.mp3
18-Nellie Coming Home from the Wake.mp3
19-The Banks of Newfoundland.mp3
20-Skibbereen - A Ballad of the Famine.mp3
21-The Heights of Alma.mp3
22-The Bold and Undaunted Youth - The Rambling Boy.mp3
23-By the Hush, Me Boys.mp3

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