Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Songs of the Sea sung by Alan Mills and the "Shanty Men"

01-Rio Grande.mp3
02-Haul Away Joe.mp3
03-Sally Brown.mp3
04-Cheerly, Men.mp3
05-Johnny Boker.mp3
06-Paddy Doyle's Boots.mp3
07-Dead Horse.mp3
08-Salt Horse.mp3
10-Tom's Gone to Hilo.mp3
11-Johnny Come Down to Hilo.mp3
12-Ten Thousand Miles Away.mp3
14-Billy Boy.mp3
16-Drunken Sailor.mp3
17-Blow Boys Blow.mp3
18-Blow the Man Down.mp3
19-Clear the Track, Let the Bullgine Run.mp3
20-Can't You Dance the Polka.mp3
21-A Long Time Ago.mp3
22-New Bedford Whalers.mp3
23-Fire Down Below.mp3
24-The Sailor's Grave.mp3
25-Boney Was a Warrior.mp3
26-Santy Anna.mp3
27-The Chesapeake and the Shannon.mp3
28-Home, Dearie, Home.mp3
29-Goodbye, Fare Ye Well.mp3
30-Hilo Somebody.mp3
31-Galloping Randy Dandy O.mp3
32-Leave Her, Johnny.mp3

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