Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Stu Davis - Canada's Cowboy Troubadour - Take Me Back To My Boots And Saddle

01-Old And In The Way.mp3
02-They're Burning Down The House I Was Brung Up In.mp3
03-Always Keep Your Promise.mp3
04-Diggin' With A Hoe.mp3
05-Welcome Back To My Heart.mp3
06-Fort Worth Jail.mp3
07-The Gangster's Warning.mp3
08-I Took It.mp3
09-I'm Gonna Leave Town.mp3
10-The Little Shirt My Mother Made For Me.mp3
11-New Broom Boogie.mp3
12-Swaller Tail Coat.mp3
13-Take Me Back To My Boots And Saddle.mp3
14-When The Snowbirds Cross The Rockies.mp3
15-The Cowboy's Prayer.mp3
16-The Dude In The Ten Gallon Hat.mp3
17-A Wedding For Mary.mp3
18-Crying For You.mp3
19-Shepherd Of Mine.mp3
20-I Still Do.mp3
21-Sweetheart Of Yesterday.mp3
22-Carrier Pigeon.mp3
23-What A Fool I Was.mp3
24-The Piggy Bank Song.mp3
25-Dark As A Dungeon.mp3


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