Monday, December 28, 2015

The Ottawa Valley Country Music Hall Of Fame Presents The First Ten Years

01-Mac Beattie-Log Driver's Song.mp3
02-Reg Hill-The Road To Fort Coulonge.mp3
03-Ward Allen-Maple Sugar.mp3
04-Joe Brown-Trouble In The Amen Corner.mp3
05-Bob King-Laurel Lee.mp3
06-Hank Rivers-Goodbye Mary Dear.mp3
07-Irwin Prescott-Go, Rattler, Go.mp3
08-Orval Prophet-The Judgement Day Express.mp3
09-Ronnie Prophet-No Holiday In L.A..mp3
10-Oral Scheer-Three Fingered Bland.mp3
11-Ron McMunn-My Old Truck.mp3
12-Hugh Scott-Chain Drinkin' Again.mp3
13-Ralph Carlson-Lights Of Denver.mp3
14-Ted Daigle-Lawley Rae.mp3
15-Terry Carisse-Loveproof Heart.mp3
16-Vince Lebeau-Welcome To My World.mp3
17-Bob Desmond-Carmen's Hornpipe.mp3
18-Hugh Desmond-Judy.mp3
19-Julie Lynn-Easy Does It with My Heart, Boy.mp3
20-Graham Townsend-Ice On The Road.mp3
21-Family Brown-Raised On Country Music.mp3
22-Joe Pino-Carmen.mp3
23-Ken Davidson-Scotch Boogie.mp3
24-Howard Hayes-Stop And Say Hello.mp3
25-Don O'Neill-Oxford Road.mp3


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