Sunday, May 31, 2015

Graham Townsend - Still Going Strong

01-Blackfoot Jam.mp3
02-Ripplerock Jig, Landry's Breakdown.mp3
03-Love In My Prayers.mp3
04-Montreal Reel, Frenchie's Reel, The Old Man & The Old Woman.mp3
05-Churning Butter.mp3
06-Mississippi Cajun, Big Medicine Hat, Alabama Jubilee.mp3
07-Up Country, Little Judique.mp3
08-Dill Pickle Rag.mp3
09-Molly Hogan, Fiddler's Dream, Chain Lightening.mp3
10-Endearing Young Charms.mp3
11-East Tennessee Blues, Hoedown Polka, Golden Slippers.mp3
12-Swinging With The Eighties.mp3


Saturday, May 30, 2015

Graham Townsend's House Party

01-Snowflake Breakdown.mp3
02-Lamplighter's Hornpipe.mp3
03-Parkdale Jig.mp3
04-Georgiana Moon.mp3
05-Lonesome Indian.mp3
06-Portland Fancy.mp3
07-Diamond Lil.mp3
08-Black & White Rag.mp3
09-Away Back.mp3
10-Billy In The Low Ground.mp3
11-Skipper's Fancy.mp3
12-Lisa Lynn.mp3
13-Argonaut Two-Step.mp3
14-St. Lawrence Jig.mp3
15-Kitchen Reel.mp3
16-Blackberry Blossom.mp3


Friday, May 29, 2015

Ned Landry's Lightning Fiddle

01-Saint John Hoedown.mp3
02-Smash the Window.mp3
03-Operetta Square Dance.mp3
04-The Lightning Hornpipe.mp3
05-Dill Pickles.mp3
06-Bride of the Wind Jig.mp3
07-Celina LeBlanc's Hornpipe.mp3
08-Over the Waves.mp3
09-The Ontario Swing.mp3
10-The Carnival Reel.mp3


Thursday, May 28, 2015

25 Country Dance Favourites - Jigs & Reels

01-Maurice Bolyer-Party Girl.mp3
02-Edwin Erickson-Tell 'Em Polka.mp3
03-Wayne King-Orange Blossom Special.mp3
04-Graham Townsend-Donnie Gilchrist's Breakdown.mp3
05-Reg Hill-Buck Fever Rag.mp3
06-Olaf & George Sveen-Frisky Polka.mp3
07-Graham Townsend-Royal Princess Two Step.mp3
08-Joe Murphy Band-Parry Sound Reel.mp3
09-Jimmy Chapman-Todd's Island Breakdown.mp3
10-Don Messer & The Islanders-Anniversary Schottische.mp3
11-Wayne King-Turkey In The Straw.mp3
12-Wayne King-Dougal's Special.mp3
13-Joe Murphy Band-Liberty Two-Step.mp3
14-Don Messer & The Islanders-Interlake Waltz.mp3
15-Wayne King-Boil The Cabbage Down.mp3
16-Johnny Mooring-Billy Wilson's Clog.mp3
17-Reg Hill-Dancing Waters Waltz.mp3
18-Reg Hill-Reg Hill's Breakdown.mp3
19-Hachey Bros & Mary Lou-Rippling Water Jig.mp3
20-Olaf Sveen-Paris Polka.mp3
21-Rodgers Bros Band-Rodeo Waltz.mp3
22-Rodgers Bros Band-Waltz Promenade.mp3
23-Gerry Robichaud-Table Clog.mp3
24-Graham Townsend-Saint Mary's Polka.mp3
25-Graham Townsend-Saint Francis Reel.mp3


01-Gerry Robichaud-Oscar's Jig.mp3
02-Joe Murphy Band-The Bluebell And Hop Polka.mp3
03-Jimmy MacLellan-The Mazurka Waltz.mp3
04-Jimmy MacLellan-Dusty Bob's Jig And Old Red Barn Jig.mp3
05-Jimmy MacLellan-Triplets Schottische.mp3
06-Joe Murphy Band-The Champion Jig.mp3
07-Gerry Robichaud-Casa Loma Hornpipe.mp3
08-Johnny Mooring-Little Burnt Potato.mp3
09-Vic Mullen-Arkansas Traveller.mp3
10-Joe Murphy Band-Ingleside March.mp3
11-Vic Mullen-Golden Slippers.mp3
12-Gerry Robichaud-Calico Polka.mp3
13-Graham Townsend-Mel's Jig.mp3
14-Johnny Mooring-Caledonia Schottische.mp3
15-Vic Mullen-Tennessee Wagoner.mp3
16-Johnny Mooring-Haste To The Wedding Jig.mp3
17-Joe Murphy Band-King George Fourth And Dunse Ding's A Reels.mp3
18-Joe Murphy Band-The Hundered Pipers And Bonnie Dundee.mp3
19-Olaf Sveen & Don LeBlanc-Away We Go-Square Dance.mp3
20-Tom Wilson & All Stars-Thousand Islands Jig.mp3
21-Olaf Sveen & Don LeBlanc-Jumping Bean Square Dance.mp3
22-Jimmy MacLellan-Humours Of Boston and Democratic Rage Hornpipes.mp3
23-Graham Townsend-Prince County Jig.mp3
24-Graham Townsend-Point Prim Hornpipe.mp3
25-Olaf & George Sveen-Norwegian Waltz.mp3


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Gerry Robichaud - Banff Recordings 1960-1965

01-Shelbourne Reel.mp3
02-Bonnie Prince Charlie.mp3
03-Growling Old Man And Growling Old Woman.mp3
04-Calico Polka.mp3
05-Romeo's Jig.mp3
06-Casa Loma Hornpipe.mp3
07-Mass. Pike Reel.mp3
08-Oscar's Jig.mp3
09-Table Clog.mp3
10-Snowflake Breakdown.mp3
11-Leo Bourque Breakdown.mp3
12-Heather On The Hill.mp3
13-Golden Eagle.mp3
14-Mel's Jig.mp3
15-Village Carousel Waltz.mp3
16-Ben Rotman's Reel.mp3
17-Marilyn Bell Reel.mp3
18-Vic's Jig.mp3
19-High Level Hornpipe.mp3
20-Grandfather's Reel.mp3
21-Shannon Waltz.mp3
22-Fiddle Strings.mp3


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Ricky Cormier - Canadian Junior Fiddle Champion

01-Big John McNeil.mp3
02-Shannon Waltz.mp3
03-Ole French Reel.mp3
04-Waylon's Breakdown.mp3
05-Angus Campbell.mp3
06-Whiskey Before Breakfast.mp3
07-Andy's Jig.mp3
08-Black Velvet Waltz.mp3
09-Way Down Yonder.mp3
10-Jacket Trimmed In Blue.mp3
11-Joys of Wedlock.mp3
12-Honest John.mp3


Thanks to Mr. Meadowlark.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Johnny Gold - From Me To You

01-Here's The Key To Your Apartment.mp3
02-Heartaches By The Number.mp3
03-My Kind Of Woman.mp3
04-Big Wheel Cannonball.mp3
05-Across The Bridge.mp3
06-To Get To You.mp3
07-I've Gotten Over You.mp3
08-Ten Guitars.mp3
09-Shackles And Chains.mp3
10-I Can't Help It.mp3
11-Guitars, Bars, And Music.mp3
12-Hello Out There.mp3


Thanks to Mr. Meadowlark.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sing Along With Michael T. Wall - The Singing Newfoundlander

01-Ocean Ranger Disaster.mp3
02-Daddy's Girl.mp3
03-Santa Claus Is A Newfie.mp3
04-I Love To Sing.mp3
05-Good Ole Country Songs.mp3
06-The Singing Newfoundlander.mp3
07-Me Newfie Licence Plate.mp3
08-First Fall Of Snow.mp3
09-Shake My Hand I'm From Newfoundland.mp3
10-Sweet Nellie And Her 18 Hr. Bra.mp3
11-Tribute To Cornerbrook.mp3
12-Discovery Of Newfoundland.mp3
13-The Newfie Bullet Story.mp3
14-Moon Man Newfie.mp3


Thursday, May 21, 2015

Mel Bedard - Metis Fiddler - 14 Favorite Fiddle Tunes

01-Toniata Waltz.mp3
02-Coureur De Bois.mp3
03-Doll's First Change.mp3
04-The Lost Child.mp3
05-Raffled Wagon.mp3
06-Andy And Mel's Special.mp3
07-Ranger's Waltz.mp3
08-Lower Fort Gary Jig.mp3
09-Walker Street Reel.mp3
10-Louis Riel.mp3
11-Manitoba Waltz.mp3
12-Grandma's Chickens.mp3
13-Golden Days.mp3
14-Woodridge Breakdown.mp3


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Swingin' Fiddle With Vic Mullen

01-Lonesome Indian.mp3
02-Swingin' Fiddle.mp3
03-Turkey In The Straw.mp3
04-Rubber Dolly.mp3
05-Westphalia Waltz.mp3
06-Golden Slippers.mp3
07-Boil The Cabbage Down.mp3
08-Arkansas Traveller.mp3
09-Tennessee Wagoner.mp3
10-Angus Walker Blues.mp3


Sunday, May 17, 2015

Isidore Soucy - Le Violoneux par Excellence

01-Gigues Irlandaises, No. 1 (Irish Jigs).mp3
02-Gigues Irlandaises, No. 2 (Irish Jigs).mp3
03-Set Américain - 1ère partie (American Set - Part 1).mp3
04-Set Américain - 2ème partie (American Set - Part 2).mp3
05-Set Américain - 3ème partie (American Set - Part 3).mp3
06-Valse (Waltz).mp3
07-Quadrille Canadien (Canadian Quadrille) (Fig. 1).mp3
08-Quadrille Canadien (Canadian Quadrille) (Fig. 2).mp3
09-Quadrille Canadien (Canadian Quadrille) (Fig. 3).mp3
10-Quadrille Canadien (Canadian Quadrille) (Fig. 4).mp3
11-Quadrille Canadien (Canadian Quadrille) (Fig. 5).mp3
12-Quadrille Canadien (Canadian Quadrille) (Fig. 6).mp3
13-Les Foins (Reel).mp3
14-La Pleureuse (Reel).mp3
15-La Sautillante (The Hopper) (Reel).mp3
16-Le Casse (Reel).mp3
17-Le Cotillon.mp3
18-Reel de l'Enfant Martyre (Reel).mp3
19-Reel du Jubilé (Reel).mp3
20-Reel Des Millionnaires (Millionaires' Reel).mp3
21-Gigue du Roi (King's Jig).mp3
22-Reel Américain (American Reel).mp3
23-Reel Des Sports (Sporting Reel).mp3
24-Valse Isidore (Isidore Waltz).mp3


Saturday, May 16, 2015

Isidore Soucy - Chez Isidore

01-Reel de Ti-Zoune.mp3
02-Reel de la bouteille.mp3
03-Gigue de Ti Ness.mp3
04-Reel du chapeau à plumes.mp3
05-Reel de St-Sauveur.mp3
06-Reel des gouverneurs.mp3
07-Reel de la soupe aux pois.mp3
08-Reel des bretelles.mp3
09-Reel de Fernando.mp3
10-Reel des bouffons.mp3


Friday, May 15, 2015

Country Hoedown Coast To Coast In Canada

01-Hachey Brothers & Mary Lou-Rippling Water Jig.mp3
02-Don Messer-Pilot Mound Waltz.mp3
03-Joe Murphy-Little Judique Reel.mp3
04-Happy Roamin' Rangers-Lindy's Landler.mp3
05-Olaf Sveen-Paris Polka.mp3
06-Wilf Doyle-Banks of Newfoundland.mp3
07-Rod Linnell-Maple Sugar Two-Step.mp3
08-Jimmy MacLellan-Pride of the Ball; Caul Kail; reels.mp3
09-Luke Simmons-Orange Blossom Special.mp3
10-Waldo Munro-Belle Dun-Quickstep.mp3
11-Graham Townsend-The Royal Princess-Two Step.mp3
12-Reg Hill-Pembroke Centennial Breakdown.mp3


Thursday, May 14, 2015

Traditional Music From Cape Breton Island

01-John Morris Rankin, Howie MacDonald-Pretty Marion.mp3
02-Jerry Holland-Miss Crawford.mp3
03-Brenda Stubbert-Miss Ann MacNamara.mp3
04-Howie MacDonald-Dan R's Favourite.mp3
05-Paul MacNeil-O teannaibh dluth is togaibh fonn.mp3
06-Natalie MacMaster-The Bonnie Lass of Headlake.mp3
07-Dougie MacDonald-Marble Hill.mp3
08-All-Tea Gardens.mp3
09-Carl MacKenzie-Master Francis Sitwell.mp3
10-Natalie MacMaster-Irish Lasses.mp3
11-MacMaster, MacKenzie, MacIsaac-Glengarry's Dirk.mp3
12-MacNeil, MacInnis-John McColl's Farewell to the Scottish Horse.mp3
13-John Morris Rankin-Lime Hill.mp3
14-Buddy MacMaster-O'er the Moor Among the Heather.mp3
15-All-The Duke of Fife's Welcome To Deeside.mp3


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

16 Great Jigs and Reels by Canada's Top Fiddlers

01-Don Messer & His Islanders-Buckwheat Batter.mp3
02-Jimmie MacLellan-Humours Of Boston & Democratic Rage Hornpipe.mp3
03-Johnny Mooring-Carl's Favourite Jig.mp3
04-Joe Murphy Band-Little Judique Reel.mp3
05-June Eikhard-Highland Jig.mp3
06-Graham Townsend-Don Tremaine's Reel.mp3
07-Bernie Leigh & Joe MacDougall-Jimmy's Favourite Jig.mp3
08-The Rodgers Bros.-St. Ann's Reel.mp3
09-Jimmie MacLellan-Dusty Bob's Jig & Old Red Barn Jig.mp3
10-Don Messer & His Islanders-Riley's Favourite Reel.mp3
11-Joe Murphy Band-The Champion Jig.mp3
12-June Eikhard-Rodeo Reel.mp3
13-Ed Gyurki-Smash The Window.mp3
14-Bernie Leigh & Joe MacDougall-Fiddle Head Reel.mp3
15-Graham Townsend-East Coast Jig.mp3
16-Joe Murphy Band-Parry Sound Reel.mp3


Tuesday, May 12, 2015

16 Great Jigs and Reels by Canada's Top Fiddlers Vol. 2

01-Jimmy MacLellan-Dusty Bob's Jig & Old Red Barn Jig.mp3
02-Reg Hill-The Loggers Jig.mp3
03-Johnny Mooring-Little Burnt Potato Jig.mp3
04-Joe Murphy Band-King George IV & Dunse Ding's A.mp3
05-Graham Townsend-Prince County Jig.mp3
06-Hachey Bros. & Mary Lou-Rippling Water Jig.mp3
07-Graham Townsend-Buckingham Reel.mp3
08-Graham Townsend-St. Francis Reel.mp3
09-Jimmy MacLellan-Pride Of The Ball & Caul Kail Reels.mp3
10-June Eikhard-Journeyman's Jig.mp3
11-Reg Hill-Nellie's Jig.mp3
12-Johnny Mooring-Big John McNeil & Dusty Miller Reel.mp3
13-Jimmy Chapman-Grace McPherson's Reel.mp3
14-Johnny Mooring-Clayton Poirier Reel.mp3
15-Cye Steele-Blind Man's Reel.mp3
16-Reg Hill-The Timber Raft Jig.mp3


Monday, May 11, 2015

Atlantic Fiddles

01-Dave MacIsaac-The Honourable Mrs. Moules'.mp3
02-Brenda Stubbert-Willie Kennedy's.mp3
03-Howie MacDonald-The Willow Tree.mp3
04-Ashley MacIsaac-Miss Lyall's.mp3
05-Eddie Poirier-Autumn Leaf.mp3
06-Tara Lynn Touesnard-Lauchie Stubbert's.mp3
07-Lloyd MacDonald-The Earl Of Jura.mp3
08-Kim Vincent-The Drunken Landlady.mp3
09-Kyle & Lucy MacNeil-Kantra To El Arish.mp3
10-Jerry Holland-Beautiful Lake Ainslie.mp3
11-Richard Wood-From Apon Him.mp3
12-Emile Benoit-Festival Reel.mp3
13-Ned Landry-Governor General.mp3
14-Donny LeBlanc-Hill's Of Glenorchy.mp3
15-Carl MacKenzie-Glen Fiddich.mp3
16-Natalie MacMaster-John Campbell's.mp3
17-Eddie Arsenault-La Reel Du Brae.mp3


Sunday, May 10, 2015

Jack Kingston - Main Street Jamboree Song Hits

02-Don't Trade.mp3
03-Maple Sugar Sweetheart.mp3
04-There's A Rose.mp3
05-It Never Rains.mp3
06-Go Away And Leave Me.mp3
07-Yodeling Cowboy.mp3
08-Castle Of Cards.mp3
09-I Got The Blues.mp3
10-A Pickin' And A Singin'.mp3


Saturday, May 9, 2015

Mac Wiseman - Live In Concert, Halifax

01-Dueling Banjos.mp3
02-Wabash Cannonball.mp3
03-I Wonder How The Old Folks Are At Home.mp3
04-Me And Bobby McGee.mp3
05-The Prisoner's Song.mp3
06-They'll Never Take Her Love From Me.mp3
07-Jimmy Brown, The Newsboy.mp3
08-Footprints In The Snow.mp3
09-Catfish John.mp3
10-Put My Little Shoes Away.mp3
11-Eight More Miles.mp3
12-Keep On The Sunnyside Of Life.mp3
13-Will The Circle Be Unbroken.mp3


Friday, May 8, 2015

Graham Townsend - 100 Fiddle Hits - 35th Anniversary Collection

01-Crooked Stovepipe - Arkansas Traveler - Old Joe Clark - Soldier's Joy.mp3
02-The Girl I Left Behind - Joys Of Quebec - Logger'sBreakdown - Ragtime Annie.mp3
03-Down Yonder - Kingdom Come - Mitton's Breakdown - Rubber Dolly.mp3
04-Debbie's Waltz - Black Velvet Waltz - Country Waltz - Tennessee Waltz.mp3
05-Wilson's Clog - Gray's Second Change - Whalens Breakdown - Big John McNeil.mp3
06-Bonnie Dundee - Major Mackie - First Western Change - Blackthorn Stick.mp3
07-Orange Blossom Special.mp3
08-Patronella - Rakes Of Mallow - Don Messer's Breakdown - Liberty Two Step.mp3
09-Back Up And Push - Turkey In The Straw - Eighth Of January - Sugarfoot Rag.mp3
10-Road To The Isles - Cock O' The North - Smash The Window - Scotland The Brave.mp3
11-Up Jumped The Devil - Rickett's Hornpipe - Bowin' The Strings - Mississippi Sawyer.mp3
12-Old Barndance - My Little Girl - Climbing Up The Golden Stairs - Spanish Cavalero.mp3
13-Maytime Swing - Devil's Dream - Swamplake Breakdown - Chinese Breakdown.mp3
14-Maple Sugar.mp3
15-Pigeon On The Pier - The Wind That Shakes The Barley - Wake Up Susan - Plaza Polka.mp3
16-Fisher's Hornpipe - Sailor's Hornpipe - Old Man And Old Woman - Miss McCloud's Reel.mp3
17-Rippling Water Jig - Old Red Barn - Rock Valley Jig - Hundred Pipers.mp3
18-Norwegian Waltz - Waltz Quadrille - Over The Waves - Peek-A-Boo Waltz.mp3
19-Flowers Of Edinburgh - Chicken Reel - Sally Goodin - Flop Eared Mule.mp3
20-Road To Boston - Redwing - Dusty Miller's Reel - Silvery Bells.mp3
21-Mocking Bird.mp3
22-Snowflake Breakdown - Angus Campbell - Tennessee Wagoner - Lightning Hornpipe.mp3
23-Hi-Lo Schottische - Rochester Schottische - Buffalo Gals - Golden Slippers.mp3
24-Bill Cheatum - St. Anne's Reel - High Level Hornpipe - Cripple Creek.mp3
25-Uncle Jim - Joys Of Wedlock - Bride Of The Wind - Haste To The Wedding.mp3
26-Texas Quickstep - Kiley's Reel - Snow Deer - Lord McDonald's Reel.mp3
27-Little Brown Jug - Darling Nelly Gray - Circassion Circle - Boil The Cabbage Down.mp3
28-Draggin' The Bow.mp3


Thursday, May 7, 2015

Wade Hemsworth - Folk Songs of the Canadian North Woods

01-Donkey Riding.mp3
02-The Shining Birch Tree.mp3
03-Envoyons d'l'Avant.mp3
04-The Jam at Gerry's Rocks.mp3
05-Aidal O'Boy.mp3
06-The Franklin Expedition.mp3
07-V'la l'Bon Vent (Voila le Bon Vent).mp3
08-Ye Girls of Old Ontario.mp3
09-Peter Rambeley.mp3
10-The Bride's Lament.mp3
11-The Bad Girl's Lament.mp3
12-The Blackfly Song.mp3


Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Mac Wiseman sings at Toronto's Horseshoe Club

01-Maple Sugar Sweetheart.mp3
02-The Legend Of The Irish Rebel.mp3
03-Prince Edward Island (is Heaven to me).mp3
04-The Ghost Of Bras D'or.mp3
05-Bringing Mary Home.mp3
06-What A Waste Of Good Corn Likker.mp3
07-My Nova Scotia Home.mp3
08-(When Its Appleblossom Time) In Annapolis Valley.mp3
09-My Molly Bawn.mp3
10-Atlantic Lullabay.mp3
11-My Cape Breton Home.mp3
12-Pistol Packin' Preacher.mp3


Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Dansons avec Isidore Soucy, Lafleur et Montpetit

01-Reel, Rêve du diable.mp3
02-Reel de la jolie veuve.mp3
03-Marche domino.mp3
04-Reel de Temiskaming.mp3
05-Paul Jones populaire (callé).mp3
06-Reel des vieux garçons.mp3
07-Reel de Rimouski.mp3
08-Marché de la tuque.mp3
09-Reel de l'horloge.mp3
10-Polka piquée.mp3


Saturday, May 2, 2015

Jos Bouchard - Musique et danse traditionnelle de Charlevoix

Side A-B

01-Reel de la Pointe au Pic.mp3
02-Valse à Marie-Paule.mp3
03-Reel Le Tamanoir.mp3
04-La joyeuse Québécoise.mp3
05-La galope du lac Saint-Charles.mp3
06-La galope de la Malbaie.mp3
07-Reel Saint-Jean de l'île d'Orléans.mp3
08-Valse de l'aurore.mp3
09-Reel Béatrice.mp3
10-Polka Bouchard.mp3
11-Reel des éboulements.mp3


Side C-D

01-Quadrille des lanciers - 1ère partie - la rencontre des dames.mp3
02-Quadrille des lanciers - 2e partie - la promenade simple.mp3
03-Quadrille des lanciers - 3e partie - le grand salut.mp3
04-Quadrille des lanciers - 4e partie - le petit salut.mp3
05-Quadrille des lanciers - 5e partie - la chaine du cotillon avec arrêt.mp3
06-Quadrille - 1ère partie.mp3
07-Quadrille - 2e partie.mp3
08-Quadrille - 3e partie.mp3
09-Quadrille - 4e partie.mp3
10-Quadrille - 5e partie.mp3


Friday, May 1, 2015

Paul Menard's Fiddle Goldmine - 25 Fiddle Selections

01-Hitch Hiker Blues.mp3
02-Jolly Jig.mp3
03-Mocking Bird.mp3
04-Red River Waltz.mp3
05-Cherokee Shuffle.mp3
06-Adieu Quebec.mp3
07-Alanna Waltz.mp3
08-Bed And Breakfast.mp3
09-Westphalia Waltz.mp3
10-Strawberry Winter.mp3
11-Home Again.mp3
12-Julien's Ride.mp3
13-Hell Among The Yearlings.mp3
14-Mason's Apron.mp3
15-Jocko's Last Ramble.mp3
16-Tennessee Waltz.mp3
17-Boil Them Cabbage Down.mp3
18-Ste. Anne's Reel.mp3
19-Northern Air.mp3
20-Peek-A-Boo Waltz.mp3
21-No Title This Time.mp3
22-Rambler Blues.mp3
23-Bill Cheatham.mp3
24-Fiddling Rag.mp3
25-Ryan's Buddy.mp3