Monday, November 30, 2015

Canadian Country Vol. 2

01-Hillbilly Jewels with Randy Stewart & Vivian Brown-I Told My Pillow.mp3
02-Gaby Haas & His Barndance Gang-Moonlight Waltz.mp3
03-Dixie Bill Hilton & The Calgary Range Riders-What A Waste (Of Good Corn Likker).mp3
04-Bill Laughy-Cowboy's Memories.mp3
05-Carl Lofstrom & Aubrey Hanson-Castle Of Cards.mp3
06-Myrna Lorrie-Life's Changing Scene.mp3
07-Eddie Mehler & His Rustic Ramblers-Just A Weary Traveller.mp3
08-King Ganam & His Sons Of The West-Ridin' The Fiddle.mp3
09-Mighton Brothers With Rodeo All Stars-Walkin' Walkin'.mp3
10-Glenn Mitchell & Mainstreeters-Sweet Little Miss Blue Eyes.mp3
11-Barry Nesbitt & His Alter Ego ''Rog Godunk''-Old Age.mp3
12-George Oliver-Wabash Cannonball.mp3
13-Marg Osburne with Don Messer's Islanders-Bookworm.mp3
14-Andy Dejarlis & His Early Settlers-Nobody's Business.mp3
15-The Prairie Rangers with Smilin' Jack-I'm Just Tired Of Dreaming For Tomorrow.mp3
16-Orval ''Rex'' Prophet-Goodbye Katie, Bar The Door.mp3
17-Johnny Six aka Orval Prophet with Anita Kerr Singers-The Tennessean's Rolling Home.mp3
18-Terry Roberts-Oh, Lonesome Me.mp3
19-The Round-Up Trio with Johnny Morris-Swingin' Down The Lane To See My Gal.mp3
20-Fiddlin' Red Crawford with Stu Davis' Cowtowners-Queen Elizabeth Special.mp3
21-Oral Scheer with Cammie Howard & The Western Five-My Blue Ridge Mountain Home.mp3
22-Slim Wilson & His Prairie Sons-The Red We Want Is The Red We've Got.mp3
23-The Hometowners-Miss Molly.mp3
24-Big John Ford-It Never Is Too Late.mp3
25-Donn Reynolds-If I'd Only See'd You.mp3
26-Hod Pharis-Call Of The Mountain.mp3


Sunday, November 29, 2015

Canadian Country Vol. 3

01-Eric & Johnny & Lincoln County Peach Pickers-Mansion Of Dreams.mp3
02-Bob & Tom McMullen with Abbie Andrews' Ranch Boys-Redheads, Blondes & Brunettes.mp3
03-Abbie Andrews & His Ranch Boys-Lord Alexander's Reel (Instr.).mp3
04-Billy Bushell-I Bought A Rock For My Rocky Mountain Gal.mp3
05-The Buckeye Boys-Little Liza Jane.mp3
06-Calgary Slim-When You're Fallin' In Love.mp3
07-Oral Scheer with Cammie Howard & The Western Five-Abdul The Bulbul Ameer.mp3
08-Boyd Cameron & His Westernaires-I'm Scared To Go Home.mp3
09-Wally Traugott-Big Four Special (Instr.).mp3
10-Irvin Preese-Short Time Love Affair.mp3
11-Betty Cody-The Kiss That Made A Fool Of Me.mp3
12-King Ganam & His Sons Of The West-Four String Polka (Instr.).mp3
13-Andy Zachary & His Jazz Cowboys-Land Of Roses.mp3
14-Henry Lariviere-North Cannonball.mp3
15-v. Laurie Mersey Bunkhouse Boys-I'm Wasting My Tears Over You.mp3
16-Rene Mathieu with Vic Virgili & The Laurentian Mountain Boys-Let's Go.mp3
17-Jack Jenson & His Rhythm Pals-Lonely World.mp3
18-Oral Scheer with Cammie Howard & The Western Five-Three Finger Bland.mp3
19-Reg Smith & The Melody Four-Little Henry.mp3
20-Scotty Stevenson with The Edmonton Eskimos-Twelve Foot Davis.mp3
21-William Lamothe Et Ses Cavaliers Des Plaines-Jambalaya.mp3
22-Maurice Bolyer & His Country Cousins-Midnight Special (Instr.).mp3
23-Hal Lone Pine & Betty Cody & The Mountaineers-Columbus Stockade Blues.mp3
24-Lucky Ambo with Slim Boucher & The Golden Prairie Cowboys-Rocky Mountain Breakdown (Instr.).mp3


Saturday, November 28, 2015

Canadian Country Vol. 4 - The Aragon Label

01-Dixie Bill Hilton & The Calgary Range Riders-Don't Be Blue Linda Lou.mp3
02-Curly Crowe-Mountaineer.mp3
03-Guido D'Amico-Yes I Do.mp3
04-Stu Davis-I Looked For Love.mp3
05-Big John Ford-I Called Her Name.mp3
06-Andy Fraser-Somewhere There's A Someone.mp3
07-Art Grant-Driftwood On The River.mp3
08-Rudy Hayden-Blue Steel.mp3
09-Evan Kemp-Tonight In The Twilight.mp3
10-Ray Little-Standin' In The Rain.mp3
11-Jimmy Morris-My Wife My Life.mp3
12-Don Murphy-Down Lily Valley.mp3
13-Tex And Deanna Pederson-The Morning After.mp3
14-Fern And Bob Regan-I Will Never Hold Another.mp3
15-Buddy Reynolds-Angel In Disguise.mp3
16-The Rhythm Pals-My Chapel In The Pines.mp3
17-Curly Switzer-High On Grouse Mountain.mp3
18-Bob Tweedy-If The Moon Could Talk.mp3
19-Pete Stoltz-Calgary Waltz.mp3
20-Guido D'Amico-Secret Love.mp3
21-Guido D'Amico And Hod Pharis-Froggy Song.mp3
22-Stu Davis-I Went To Your Wedding.mp3
23-The Rhythm Pals-Two Hearts Forever.mp3


Friday, November 27, 2015

Joseph Allard, violoneux (Archives) - Portrait du vieux Kébec Volume 11

01-Reel des bottes sauvages.mp3
02-Reel de Napoléon.mp3
03-La mère Blanche.mp3
04-Valse Marie.mp3
05-Reel des fusilliers.mp3
06-Set de Vaudreuil #1.mp3
07-Reel de Tadoussac.mp3
08-Dance écossaise.mp3
09-Reel des skieurs.mp3
10-Reel de Cabano.mp3
11-Reel de la paix.mp3
12-Reel de chez-nous.mp3


Thursday, November 26, 2015

Graham Townsend - Down Home Fiddlin'

01-Willow Tree Hornpipe.mp3
02-Kiley's Reel.mp3
03-Cathy Ann's Waltz.mp3
04-Clear The Track.mp3
05-Mountain Hornpipe.mp3
06-Blarney Stone Jig.mp3
07-Jock Tampson's Hornpipe.mp3
08-Trail Blazer's Two Step.mp3
09-Snow Shoer's Reel.mp3
10-Debbie's Waltz.mp3
11-Maytime Swing.mp3
12-Larry O'Gaffe.mp3
13-Big Chief Weatherstick Reel.mp3
14-Roll Away Hornpipe.mp3


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Ranchero's - 12 Great Country Hits

01-Love of the Common People.mp3
02-Danny Boy.mp3
04-Memphis Blues.mp3
05-Your Love Takes Care of Me.mp3
06-Orange Blossom Special.mp3
07-The Image of Me.mp3
08-Rose City Chimes.mp3
09-Blues You're All I'll Never Need.mp3
10-Tip Toes.mp3
11-Before I Lost You.mp3
12-Chili-Sauce Breakdown.mp3


Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Clare Adlam - Fiddler's Delight

01-Big-Eyed Rabbit.mp3
02-Odd Ball Special.mp3
03-Father's Favorite.mp3
04-Painter's Highstep.mp3
05-Georgian Bay Waltz.mp3
06-Leapyear Jig.mp3
07-Adlam's Reel.mp3
08-Moonbeam Waltz.mp3
09-Iron Horse.mp3
10-My Winning Waltz.mp3
11-Blue Bonnet Hop.mp3
12-White River Stomp.mp3


Monday, November 23, 2015

Canadian Country Jamboree!

01-Hank Snow-Brand On My Heart.mp3
02-Lone Pine-Prince Edward Island Is Heaven To Me.mp3
03-Scotty Stevenson-Alberta.mp3
04-Myrna Lorrie-I'll Be Lonesome When You're Gone.mp3
05-Alberta Slim-New Canadian Polka.mp3
06-Wilf Carter-My Queen Of The Prairie.mp3
07-Reg Smith-Atlantic Lullaby.mp3
08-Stu Davis-When The Snowbirds Cross The Rockies.mp3
09-Bob King-Fort Worth Jail.mp3
10-Earl Heywood-Isle Of Campobello.mp3


Sunday, November 22, 2015

Canadian Country Jamboree Vol. II

01-Wilf Carter-I'll Never Die Of A Broken Heart.mp3
02-Reg Smith-Land Of Evangeline.mp3
03-Davey Gibbs-Love's A Losing Game.mp3
04-Bob King-Let's Make A Fair Trade.mp3
05-Earl Heywood-Old New Brunswick Moon.mp3
06-Hank Snow-Blue Ranger.mp3
07-Lone Pine-When It's Apple Blossom Time In Annapolis Valley.mp3
08-Scotty Stevenson-The Oilman's Lament.mp3
09-Myrna Lorrie-That's What Sweethearts Do.mp3
10-Alberta Slim-North Of The Border.mp3


Saturday, November 21, 2015

Ward Allen - Maple Leaf Hoedown

01-Maple Sugar.mp3
02-The Old Box Stove.mp3
03-Big John McNeil.mp3
04-Mr. & Mrs. Maple (Old Tyme Waltz).mp3
05-Heather On The Hill.mp3
06-Maple Leaf Two-Step.mp3
07-Orange Blossom Special.mp3
08-The Hunter's March.mp3
09-Mowing The Hay.mp3
10-Frank Ryan's Hornpipe (Highland Mary).mp3
11-The Braes O'Mar (Highland Fling).mp3
12-Chain Lightning.mp3


Friday, November 20, 2015

Ward Allen - Maple Leaf Hoedown - Volume 2

01-Londonderry Hornpipe.mp3
02-The Flowers Of Edinburgh.mp3
03-Frisco Waltz.mp3
04-Grizzly Bear.mp3
06-Mary Anne's Reel.mp3
07-The Red Haired Boy.mp3
08-Blue Pacific Hornpipe.mp3
09-Peek-A-Boo Waltz.mp3
10-Two Step Polka.mp3
11-Iroquois Gathering.mp3
12-Snowflake Breakdown.mp3


Thursday, November 19, 2015

Ward Allen - Maple Leaf Hoedown - Volume 3

01-Back To The Sugar Camp.mp3
02-Pretty Betty.mp3
03-Maggie & Jiggs Two Step.mp3
04-Sunset Waltz.mp3
05-Mountain Park Breakdown.mp3
06-Bread N' Butter.mp3
07-Macton Reel.mp3
08-Fishing Rod Reel.mp3
09-Fairy Lake Waltz.mp3
10-New Scotland.mp3
11-Dancing Slippers.mp3
12-Pappy Daily's Breakdown.mp3


Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Chuck Joyce - Graham Townsend Presents Great Old Time Fiddlin' Volume 1

01-Sawdust Breakdown.mp3
02-Seesaw Jig.mp3
03-Sparta Waltz.mp3
05-Cec McEachern's Breakdown.mp3
06-George's Orange Crush Reel.mp3
07-Andy's Old Time Waltz.mp3
08-Fuddle Duddle Hornpipe.mp3
09-Judy's Reel.mp3
10-Pat The Budgie Breakdown.mp3


Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Ivan Hicks - Most Requested

01-Shingle the Roof & Diamond Lil.mp3
02-NB Medley.mp3
03-Gram Lee's Waltz.mp3
04-Mothers Reel.mp3
05-Fiddler's Friends Fancy.mp3
06-New Brunswick Waltz.mp3
07-Riverview Jig, Apohaqui.mp3
08-Loggieville Two Step.mp3
09-Fundy Tides.mp3
10-Garnet's Tune.mp3
11-Purple Violet Waltz.mp3
12-Island Ferry.mp3
13-Weeping Heart.mp3
14-Florence Killen's Fiddlers Haven Hornpipe.mp3
15-Ivan and Vivian's Lament.mp3
16-Baie Ste. Anne Quadrille, Kent Co. Jig.mp3
17-Princess Reel.mp3
18-Mom & Dad's Anniversary Waltz.mp3
19-Jim, the Fiddle Maker.mp3
20-Florence Killen's Waltz.mp3
21-Winter Reel.mp3
22-Marshwinds Waltz.mp3
23-St. Anne's Reel.mp3
24-River John Sunset Waltz.mp3
25-Ragtime Annie.mp3

Monday, November 16, 2015

Isidore Soucy - Violoneux québécois - Québécois Fiddler

01-Reel des boulangers.mp3
02-La Belle Catherine.mp3
03-Reel des braves.mp3
04-Quadrille des ancêtres (fig.2).mp3
05-Quadrille des Laurentides (1ère fig.).mp3
06-Quadrille Yvette.mp3
07-Gigue à Fridolin.mp3
08-Quadrille des Laurentides (2ème fig.).mp3
09-Gigue du petit mousse (jig).mp3
10-Quadrille des ancêtres (fig.1).mp3
11-Quadrille des Laurentides (4ème fig.).mp3
12-Gigue des pionniers.mp3
13-Quadrille des ancêtres (fig.4).mp3
14-Quadrille Marie-Louise.mp3
15-Quadrille des ancêtres (fig.3).mp3
16-Gigues des pochards.mp3
17-Reel du Témiscamingue.mp3
18-Gigue à Ti-Noir.mp3
19-Gigue des amoureux.mp3
20-Reel à Ti-Père.mp3
21-Gigue à Charlotte.mp3
22-Gigue des touristes (Quadrille de Beauharnois).mp3
23-Valse du Vieux Québec.mp3
24-Gigue 1.mp3
25-Gigue 2.mp3

Sunday, November 15, 2015

20 Grands Folkloristes Québécois

01-Ti-Blanc Richard-Reel De Ti-Blanc.mp3
02-Aldor Morin-Ma Femme Avait Un Grand Chapeau.mp3
03-Gérard Lajoie-La Gigue De L'ours.mp3
04-André Proulx-Reel Du Rapide Plat.mp3
05-Tommy Duchesne-Valse Denise.mp3
06-Clément Grenier-La Vie D'un Homme.mp3
07-Robin Barriault-Reel Du Rocher.mp3
08-Moïse Fillion-Gigue Des Soirées Canadiennes.mp3
09-Mr. Pointu-Bonhomme Bonnefemme.mp3
10-Oscar Thifault-Le Rapide Blanc.mp3
11-Roger Robin-Reel Des Chûtes.mp3
12-Gilles Gosselin-L'arbre Sans Feuilles.mp3
13-J.O. Albert De La Madeleine-La Raspa.mp3
14-Charly Deroy-Valse St-Odile.mp3
15-Roger Langlois-Le Petit Monkey Musk.mp3
16-La Famille Moineau-Jour De L'an.mp3
17-La Famille Gaudet-Reel St-Anne.mp3
18-Paul Denis-Les Fraises Et Les Framboises.mp3
19-Ti-Jean Carignan-Gigue Du Chasseur.mp3
20-André Bertrand-Medley.mp3

Saturday, November 14, 2015

20 Grands Folkloristes Québécois Vol. 2

01-André Proulx-Reel irlandais.mp3
02-Clément Grenier-En arrivant de Québec.mp3
03-Roger Langlois-Hommage à Jos Bouchard.mp3
04-Ti-Blanc Richard-Reel du sucre d'érable.mp3
05-Tommy Duchesnealse St-Jean.mp3
06-Moïse Filion-6/8 Chicoutimi.mp3
07-Monsieur Pointu-L'oiseau moqueur.mp3
08-Oscar Thiffault-Après ma brosse.mp3
09-Roger Robin-La galope de la Malbaie.mp3
10-Aldor Morin-La raspa Roland.mp3
11-Gilles Gosselin-Québec/Acadie.mp3
12-Charly Deroy-Reel gaspésien.mp3
13-Ti-Noir Joyal-Reel de St-Anne.mp3
14-Robin Barriault-La bastringue.mp3
15-Ti-Jean Carignan-Pot-pourri de reels.mp3
16-Les frères Grenier-Gigue de la claquette.mp3
17-Chanson à répondre-La destinée la rose au bois.mp3
18-André Proulx-Reel Émile.mp3
19-Roger Langlois-Set américain.mp3
20-J.O. De La Madeleine-Medley: "Paul Jones,Valse,etc.".mp3

Friday, November 13, 2015

Musical Reflections - Canadiana - Maritime Celtic Traditions

01-St. Anne's, Big John.mp3
02-The Frost Is All Over.mp3
03-Redwing Medley.mp3
04-Little Burnt Potato.mp3
05-Banish Misfortune.mp3
06-The Piper's Cave.mp3
07-Robert's Two Step.mp3
08-Cock Of The North.mp3
09-Ragtime Annie.mp3
10-She's Like The Swallow.mp3
11-Jenny Lynne Polka.mp3
12-Woodchopper's Medley.mp3
13-Seamus O'Brien's Waltz.mp3
14-High Road To Linton.mp3

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Marcel Meilleur - 20 Original Fiddle Compositions

01-Snooky's Favorite.mp3
02-Lilacs Bloom.mp3
03-Forty Dogs In A Kennel, Whales Hornpipe.mp3
04-St. Vital Special Polka.mp3
05-Wilbrod Waltz.mp3
06-Reel Chalumer, Stampede Fever.mp3
07-French Polka.mp3
08-Green Acres Waltz.mp3
09-(Je Souviens) I Remember.mp3
10-Reel Notre Dame, Grandma's Old Tea Pot.mp3
11-Dakota Polka.mp3
12-Gondolier Waltz.mp3
13-Sleighs Of Iesner, York Boat Reel.mp3 
14-Trip To Truro Waltz.mp3
15-Fisher Branch Reel, Uncle Gerry's Favorite.mp3

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Mel Bedard

01-Russ McDougal Waltz.mp3
02-Charlie Stewart Jig.mp3
03-St. Francis Reel.mp3
04-Marie Walker's Polka.mp3
05-Arora Waltz.mp3
06-8th of January.mp3
07-Major Mackies Jig.mp3
08-Flaming Forest Hornpipe.mp3
09-Old Spinning Wheel In The Parlor.mp3
10-Western Waltz.mp3
11-Road to Scotland.mp3
12-Churning Butter.mp3

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

24 Golden Fiddle Greats

01-Eugene Laderoute-Andre's Polka.mp3
02-Mel Bedard-Shehan's Reel.mp3 
03-Boris Nowosad-Nicole Waltz.mp3
04-Haney Old Time Fiddlers-French Minuette.mp3
05-Clarence Levesque-Maple Sugar.mp3
06-The Country Ramblers-Military Schottische.mp3
07-Brian Sklar-Cotton Eyed Joe.mp3
08-Reg Bouvette-Faded Love, Maiden's Prayer.mp3
09-Marcel Meilleur-Snooky's Favorite.mp3
10-Reg Bouvette, Jr. Dougherty-I Don't Love Nobody.mp3
11-Andy Dejarlis-Red River Jig.mp3
12-Yogi Klos-Orange Blossom Special.mp3
13-Reg Bouvette-St. Laurent Breakdown.mp3
14-The Country Ramblers-Devil's Dream.mp3
15-Boris Nowosad-Fiddlin' Blue Two-Step.mp3
16-Andy Dejarlis-Over The Waves Waltz.
17-Clarence Lesvesque-Mocking Bird.mp3
18-Haney Old Time Fiddlers-Joys Of Quebec.mp3
19-Eugene Laderoute-Mom's Schottische.mp3
20-Eldon Jones-Rippling Water Jig.mp3
21-Patti Kusturok, Reg Bouvette-Backup & Push.mp3
22-The Country Ramblers-Heel Toe Polka.mp3
23-Marcel Meilleur-Sweet Lady Fingers.mp3
24-Andy Dejarlis-Butterfly Dance.mp3

Monday, November 9, 2015

Ian Hamilton - A Family Tradition

01-Sheehan's Reel.mp3
02-Shandon Bells Jig.mp3
03-Rollin' Fiddle Polka.mp3
04-Chuck's Favourite.mp3
05-Candle Light Waltz.mp3
06-Squaw Lake Pow Pow.mp3
07-A Touch Of Grass.mp3
08-John Cameron's Jig.mp3
09-North Street.mp3
10-Poppy Leaf, Joys Of Wedlock, St. Anne's Reel.mp3
12-Don Tremain's Jig.mp3
13-Tawnya Dawn Waltz.mp3
14-Carol Anne's Favourite.mp3
15-Gibson Polka.mp3
16-Six Nations.mp3
17-Ron's Fancy.mp3
18-Lone Star Rag.mp3
19-Tune For Andy.mp3

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Ti-Blanc Richard - Raggin' the Fiddle and Other Reels

01-Reel de Sherbrooke.mp3
02-Reel du mardi-gras.mp3
03-Reel de la maison blanche.mp3
04-Reel de la Georgie.mp3
05-Valse des fleurs.mp3
06-La raspa.mp3
07-Le reel du sucre d'érable.mp3
08-Le reel Bowing The Strings.mp3
09-Le reel du palmarès.mp3
10-Le reel de Mexico.mp3
11-Le reel des quatre coins de St-Malo.mp3
12-Raggin' The Fiddle.mp3

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Bob Arbuckle, Verner Mikkelson, and N. Roy Clifton - Old Time Couple Dances

01-The Blackhawk Waltz.mp3
02-The Military Schottische.mp3
03-The French Minuet.mp3
04-The Roberts.mp3
05-The Varsouvianna.mp3
06-The Navy Two Step.mp3
07-Saint Bernard Waltz.mp3
08-The Heel and Toe Polka.mp3
09-The Country Waltz.mp3
10-The Gay Gordons.mp3
11-The Rye Waltz.mp3
12-The Call of the Pipes.mp3

Friday, November 6, 2015

Lumbering Songs from the Ontario Shanties

01-When the Shantyboy Comes Down.mp3
02-The Jam on Jerry's Rocks.mp3
03-How We Got Back to the Woods Last Year.mp3
04-Johnny Doyle.mp3
05-Jimmy Whelan.mp3
06-Turner's Camp.mp3
07-Hogan's Lake.mp3
08-Johnny Murphy.mp3
09-The Shantyboy's Alphabet.mp3
10-Jack Haggerty.mp3
11-Bill Dunbar.mp3
12-The Basketong.mp3
13-Johnny Stiles - Johnny Styles.mp3
14-The Backwoodsman.mp3
15-Harry Dunn.mp3
16-The Falling of the Pine.mp3
17-The Chapeau Boys.mp3
18-Save Your Money While You're Young.mp3

Thursday, November 5, 2015

O.J. Abbott - Irish and British Songs from the Ottawa Valley

01-The Dog and the Gun - The Golden Glove.mp3
02-The Gypsy Daisy.mp3
03-The Barley Grain for Me.mp3
04-To Be a Farmer's Boy - The Farmer's Boy.mp3
05-The Silver Herrings.mp3
06-The Lass of Glenshee.mp3
07-The Colleen Bawn - Limerick is Beautiful.mp3
08-The Bunch of Water Cresses.mp3
09-The Bonny Irish Boy.mp3
10-Daniel O'Connell.mp3
11-The Mountain Dew.mp3
12-The Cruiskeen Lawn.mp3
13-A Young Man Lived in Belfast Town.mp3
14-The Plains of Waterloo.mp3
15-The Green Linnet.mp3
16-Kelly the Pirate.mp3
17-Captain Coldstein.mp3
18-Nellie Coming Home from the Wake.mp3
19-The Banks of Newfoundland.mp3
20-Skibbereen - A Ballad of the Famine.mp3
21-The Heights of Alma.mp3
22-The Bold and Undaunted Youth - The Rambling Boy.mp3
23-By the Hush, Me Boys.mp3

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Alan Mills - Songs of the Maritimes

01-The Winter of '73.mp3
02-Tomah Stream.mp3
03-Beware of Larry Gorman.mp3
04-In Byrontown.mp3
05-The Scow on Cowden's Shore.mp3
06-The Boys of the Island.mp3
07-Peter Emberley.mp3
08-Rufus's Mare.mp3
09-Duffy's Hotel.mp3
10-The Jones Boys.mp3
11-In the Month of October.mp3
12-The Ghostly Sailors.mp3
13-Harbor Grace.mp3
14-The Banks of Newfoundland.mp3
15-Mary L. MacKay.mp3
16-Corbitt's Barkentine.mp3

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Songs of the Sea sung by Alan Mills and the "Shanty Men"

01-Rio Grande.mp3
02-Haul Away Joe.mp3
03-Sally Brown.mp3
04-Cheerly, Men.mp3
05-Johnny Boker.mp3
06-Paddy Doyle's Boots.mp3
07-Dead Horse.mp3
08-Salt Horse.mp3
10-Tom's Gone to Hilo.mp3
11-Johnny Come Down to Hilo.mp3
12-Ten Thousand Miles Away.mp3
14-Billy Boy.mp3
16-Drunken Sailor.mp3
17-Blow Boys Blow.mp3
18-Blow the Man Down.mp3
19-Clear the Track, Let the Bullgine Run.mp3
20-Can't You Dance the Polka.mp3
21-A Long Time Ago.mp3
22-New Bedford Whalers.mp3
23-Fire Down Below.mp3
24-The Sailor's Grave.mp3
25-Boney Was a Warrior.mp3
26-Santy Anna.mp3
27-The Chesapeake and the Shannon.mp3
28-Home, Dearie, Home.mp3
29-Goodbye, Fare Ye Well.mp3
30-Hilo Somebody.mp3
31-Galloping Randy Dandy O.mp3
32-Leave Her, Johnny.mp3