Thursday, January 28, 2016

Bob King and the Country Kings 1959-1963

01-Laurel Lee.mp3
02-Give My Love to Rose.mp3
03-Hey Honey.mp3
04-Waltz of Two Broken Hearts.mp3
05-Going Back to an Old Love Affair.mp3
06-Why Don't You Leave Me.mp3
07-My Petite Marie.mp3
08-If the Things They Say Are True.mp3
09-Be Careful of Stones That You Throw.mp3
10-She Went Without Saying Goodbye.mp3
11-Pray for Me Mother of Mine.mp3
12-Let's Make a Fair Trade.mp3
13-Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained.mp3
14-Lonely City Park.mp3
15-That's What's on My Mind.mp3
16-The All Canadian Boy.mp3
17-My Home by the Fraser.mp3
18-My Son Calls Another Man Daddy.mp3
19-Rose of Ol' Pawnee.mp3
20-I Dreamed About Mom Last Night.mp3
21-No Parking Here.mp3
22-Just Call on Me.mp3
23-Boy With a Future.mp3
24-I've Been Dreaming (& Marie).mp3
25-Between Our Hearts (& Marie).mp3
26-It's Goodbye and So Long to You (& Marie).mp3

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