Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Ti-Jean Carignan - Archives - Disc 1

01-Reel - Duke of Leinster, The Ladies' Pantalettes.mp3
02-Pigeon On The Gate, Miss Monaghan.mp3 
03-Pigeon On The Gate, The Fermoy Lasses, The Wheel of the World.mp3
04-Reel Indien.mp3
05-Follow Me Down To Carlow, Miss Thornton's Reel.mp3
06-Sligo Fancy.mp3
07-Stack The Barley -The Little Stack of Barley, Blackberry Blossom, Greenfield of America.mp3
08-Stack of Barley (Dance Version).mp3
09-Lucy Campbell Reel.mp3
10-The Wind That Shakes The Barley.mp3
11-Mrs. McLeod's Reel.mp3
12-Mrs. McLeod's Reel - Coleman style.mp3
13-Mountain Ranger Hornpipe.mp3
14-Reel des Oignons.mp3
15-Gigues (Jigs) - Traditional.mp3
16-Reel in 4 Parts - Reel Irlandais (Irish Reel).mp3
17-The Ladies of Laois Reel.mp3
18-Reel (Joseph Allard).mp3
19-Reel (Bernard Morin).mp3
20-Reel (Albert Bastarache).mp3
21-The Rising Sun, Greenfields of Erin.mp3
22-La Valse Quadrille (The Waltz Quadrille).mp3
23-Valses Allemandes (German Waltzes).mp3
24-Murphy's Hornpipe.mp3
25-My Darling Nelly Gray.mp3
26-Reel de Gaspé, The Temple House.mp3
27-The Liffey Banks.mp3
28-The Merrymakers' Club Hornpipe.mp3
29-The Macroom Lasses or Last Night's Fun Hornpipe.mp3
30-Dunphy's Hornpipe.mp3
31-Mullin's Fancy.mp3
32-Reel du voyageur, Reel du cultivateur.mp3
33-The Newscastle Hornpipe, Celebrated Stop Hornpipe.mp3

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  1. Larry
    Thanks for posting these. Surely Carignan is one of the greatest in this field. Unfortunately, the link for his recording with singer Alan Mills is defunct. The same is true, by the way, of Alan Mills's disk of French Canadian songs and the Smithsonian Folkways collection. Any chance that these might be reposted? Thank you again.