Sunday, January 10, 2016

Ti-Jean Carignan - Archives - Disc 3

01-Strathspey - Lady Elizabeth Lindsey, Lady Charlotte Campbell, Ca'Hawkie Through The Water.mp3
02-Gigue de Thenfant Allard.mp3
03-Reel du cordonnier.mp3
04-Bride of the Winds Jig.mp3
05-Tom Sullivan's Hornpipe.mp3
06-Reel du violon accordé en vièle.mp3
08-Silver Star Hornpipe.mp3
09-O'Neill's Hornpipe.mp3
10-The Smoky Chimney.mp3
11-Reel St-Jean.mp3
12-Bryan O'Lynn Jig.mp3
13-Marche Polo.mp3
14-Marche de Lachine.mp3
15-The Kenmore Lads.mp3
17-Reel de John Cody.mp3
18-Reel du pêcheur or One of the Boys.mp3
19-Larry O'Gaff Jig.mp3
20-Reel du Semeur.mp3
21-Miss Thornton's Reel.mp3
23-Marche (March).mp3
24-Vendome Hornpipe.mp3
25-The Flowers of Spring.mp3
26-Boys of the Loch.mp3
27-Spey in Spate.mp3
28-Reel de Portneuf.mp3
29-Swallow's Tail Jig.mp3
30-Roaring Mary.mp3
31-Reel du Carnaval.mp3
33-Pretty Maggie Morrissey.mp3
34-Key West Hornpipe.mp3
35-Off She Goes.mp3
36-Reel de Sherbrooke.mp3
37-Straight Jig.mp3
38-Merry Blacksmith.mp3
39-The Girls of Bainbridge.mp3
40-Reel du goglu or Captain John's Hornpipe.mp3

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