Monday, February 29, 2016

Folk Music from Nova Scotia

01-Edmund Henneberry-Jocky to the Fair.mp3
02-Fred and Finvola Redden-The Banks of Claudy.mp3
03-Malcolm Angus McLeod-Mo Dhachaidh.mp3
04-Edmund Henneberry-Captain Conrod.mp3
05-Danny Slauenwhite and Eleazer Nauss-New Year's and Children's Verse in German.mp3
06-Charles Owen-The Welcome Table.mp3
07-William Paul, Martin Sack, and John Knockwood-Micmac Indian War Song.mp3
08-Laure Irène McNeil-Acadian Lullaby.mp3
09-Mrs. Louis and Sephora Amirault-Matin je me leve, Un.mp3
10-Sephora Amirault-Chanson d'un soldat.mp3
11-Hilaire Pothier and Laure Irene McNeil-Acadian Dance Tune.mp3
12-Angelo Dornan-Chin Music.mp3
13-Kenneth Faulkner-Lord Gordon's Reel.mp3
14-Kenneth Faulkner and Edmund Henneberry-Rafferty's Reel and Calls.mp3
15-Kenneth Faulkner-Paddy in London.mp3
16-Edmund Henneberry-Old Tune Played on the Mouth Organ.mp3
17-Fred Redden-Lady Gowrie.mp3
18-Sandy Stoddard-Moose and Bear Calls.mp3
19-Joseph Hyson, Leander Macumber, W.H. Smith, William Smith-Sally Around the Corner O.mp3
20-Mrs. Grant Covey-Rain, Rain the Wind Does Blow.mp3
21-Edmund Henneberry, Kenneth Faulkner-The False Knight Upon the Road.mp3
22-Mrs. Edward Gallagher-I'm Going To Get Married.mp3
23-Angelo Dornan-The Red Mantle.mp3
24-Nathan Hatt-His Jacket Was Blue.mp3
25-Edmund and Sadie Henneberry-The Gay Spanish Maid.mp3


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