Thursday, February 25, 2016

Jerry Holland - The Fiddlesticks Collection

01-Reichswall Forest.mp3
02-Andy Dejarlis' Ingonish Jig.mp3
03-Cutting Ferns.mp3
04-Jenny's Wedding.mp3
05-The Hearty Boys Of Ballymote.mp3
06-Cranking Out.mp3
07-Reel For Carl.mp3
08-Beautiful Lake Ainslie.mp3
09-Arthur Muise.mp3
10-Souter Johnny.mp3
11-Alex Menzie's.mp3
12-The Ashokan Farewell.mp3
13-The MacDonalds Of Hamilton.mp3
14-The Old Boar.mp3
15-Fr. John Angus Rankin.mp3
16-Sweet Journeys.mp3
17-Mrs. Crawford.mp3
18-Memories Of Elmer Briand.mp3
19-Drummond Castle.mp3
20-Sheehan's Reel.mp3


1 comment:

  1. I simply don't say thanks enough when I download, for which I heartily apologise - I suspect I'm not alone ..... This is exceptional fiddle-playing, and a superb collection of music. Thanks!