Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Beaton Family of Mabou - Cape Breton Fiddle and Piano Music

01-Thomas MacDonnell's Strathspey.mp3
03-Bandelena March.mp3
04-Mary Ann MacDougall's.mp3
05-The Haughs of Cromdale.mp3
06-Sandy MacIntyre's March.mp3
07-Glenn Graham's Jig.mp3
08-Coilsfield House.mp3
09-The Brig o' Balater Strathspey.mp3
10-Do'igean Bachd.mp3
11-A Joan Boes Tune.mp3
12-The Maids of Islay.mp3
13-Back of the Change House Strathspey.mp3
14-Andrea Beaton's March.mp3
15-Lady Dorthea Stewart Murray.mp3


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