Saturday, April 2, 2016

Jean Carignan Plays The Music Of Coleman, Morrison & Skinner

01-Skinner Reels.mp3
02-Hornpipe Set.mp3
03-Irish Clogs.mp3
04-Bavarian Waltzes.mp3
05-Coleman Irish Hornpipes.mp3
06-Kimmel Straight Jigs.mp3
07-Coleman Reels.mp3
08-Pigeon On The Gate.mp3
09-Slip Jigs.mp3
10-Paddy Ryan's Dream.mp3
11-New Brunswick Reels.mp3
12-Lord Gordon.mp3
13-Jim Morrison Reels.mp3
14-Strathspeys And Reels.mp3
15-Two Reels Of Derrane.mp3


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  1. Better though at this writing still not complete listing of tunes here at