Saturday, April 16, 2016

Reeling With Jigs #1 - Canadian Fiddle Recorded 1935-1937

01-Little Jack MacDonald-The Fallen Chief.mp3
02-Little Jack MacDonald-Bonnie Annie Anderson.mp3
03-Little Jack MacDonald-Peter Baillie.mp3
04-Little Jack MacDonald-High Level Hornpipe.mp3
05-Little Jack MacDonald-The Dean Brig Of Edinburgh.mp3
06-Little Jack MacDonald-Mrs. Ronald MacDonalds' Reel.mp3
07-Little Jack MacDonald-Marr Castle.mp3
08-Little Jack MacDonald-Huntley's Strathspey.mp3
09-Little Jack MacDonald-Highland Queen.mp3
10-Little Jack MacDonald-MacBeth's Strathspey.mp3
11-Dan R. MacDonald-Cameron's Got His Wife Again.mp3
12-Dan R. MacDonald-Balkan Hills.mp3
13-A.A. Gillis-Don Side.mp3
14-A.A. Gillis-Johnnie Cope.mp3
15-A.A. Gillis & Dan J. Campbell-Braes O' Mara.mp3
16-A.A. Gillis & Dan J. Campbell-Medley Of Old Time Wedding Reels.mp3
17-Dan J. Campbell-Mrs.Dingwell Of Brockleys.mp3
18-Dan J. Campbell-The Road To St. Rose.mp3
19-Dan J. Campbell, John A. MacDonald-Robert Williams.mp3
20-Dan J. Campbell, John A. MacDonald-The Little Judique.mp3
21-Dan J. Campbell, John A. MacDonald-Hon. Lady Fraser Of Lovat.mp3
22-Dan J. Campbell, John A. MacDonald-Boston March.mp3
23-Don Messer And His Islanders-Half Penny Reel.mp3
24-Don Messer And His Islanders-Patronella.mp3
25-Don Messer And His Islanders-Belfast and Cock o' the North.mp3


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