Friday, April 15, 2016

Reeling With Jigs #2 - Canadian Fiddle Recorded ca. 1930-1957

01-Don Messer And His Islanders-Operator's Reel-Ploughboy.mp3
02-Don Messer, Charlie Chamberlain-Jack Is Every Inch A Sailor.mp3
03-Don Messer, Charlie Chamberlain-I Had A Hat.mp3
04-Don Messer And His Islanders-Honest John.mp3
05-Don Messer And His Islanders-Mississippi Sawyer.mp3
06-Don Messer And His Islanders-Lord Alexander's Reel.mp3
07-Don Messer And His Islanders-The White Water Jig.mp3
08-Don Messer And His Islanders-Fiddlin' Phil.mp3
09-Don Messer And His Islanders-Johnny Hamlin's Breakdown.mp3
10-Don Messer And His Islanders-Johnny's Jig.mp3
11-Don Messer And His Islanders-Skipping Mouse Polka.mp3
12-George Wade And His Corn Huskers-The Devil's Dream.mp3
13-J.O. & Marcel LaMadeleine-Chicken Reel.mp3
14-J.O. & Marcel LaMadeleine-New Bedford Reel.mp3
15-Leon Robert Goulet-Red River Jig.mp3
16-Leon Robert Goulet-The Western First Chain.mp3
17-Joseph Allard-Reel Jacques Cartier.mp3
18-Joseph Allard-Reel Ste. Anne.mp3
19-Tommy Duchesne Et Ses Chevailers Du Folklore-Reel Du Gouvernement.mp3
20-Tommy Duchesne Et Ses Chevailers Du Folklore-Valse Du Lac St. Jean.mp3
21-Henri Houde Et Son Ensemble-Reel L'Oiseau Du Montagne.mp3
22-Henri Houde Et Son Ensemble-La Danse Des Ecossais Set Calle.mp3
23-Tommy Duchesne Et Ses Chevailers Du Folklore-Grande Gigue La Sauteuse.mp3
24-Tommy Duchesne Et Ses Chevailers Du Folklore-Valse Clog Des Champions.mp3
25-Les 4 Copains-Quadrille Du 2eme Rang.mp3
26-Les 4 Copains-Marche des Cheminots.mp3
27-J.O. LaMadeleine-vn, Gabriel Cossette-g-Vieux Reve Du Diable.mp3


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