Monday, April 11, 2016

The Prince Edward Island Style of Fiddling - Fiddlers of Eastern Prince Edward Island

01-Peter Chaisson Sr.-The P.E.I. Wedding Reel & Big John MacNeil.mp3
02-Peter Chaisson Jr.-Fiddlin' Phil.mp3
03-Elliot Wight-Blue Mountain Hornpipe.mp3
04-Attwood O'Connor-The Watermelon.mp3
05-Peter Chaisson Sr.-Lord MacDonald's Reel & The Chaisson Reel.mp3
06-Jackie Webster-The Green Fields of America (P.E.I. Setting).mp3
07-George Macphee-Pride Of The Ball & The Drunken Piper.mp3
08-Peter Chaisson, Sr.-Maid On The Green & Kenmure's Awa'.mp3
09-Archie Stewart-MacSwain's Reel.mp3
10-Elliot Wight-North Side Tune.mp3
11-Jackie & Carl Webster-Souris Breakwater.mp3
12-J.J. Chaisson-Miss Lyall Strathspey.mp3
13-Elliot Wight-Stan's Jig.mp3
14-Attwood O'Connor-The Walk On Water Reel.mp3
15-Jackie & Carl Webster-Jay's Reel.mp3
16-George Macphee-The East Neuk Of Fife (A Kings Co. Version).mp3
17-Elliot Wight-Isle Of My Birth.mp3
18-Archie Stewart-The Milltown Cross Fire.mp3
19-Peter Chaisson Sr.-Tarbolton Lodge & The Burnt Leg.mp3
20-Attwood O'Connor-Liberty Two-Step.mp3
21-George Macphee-MacKinnon's Rant & Johnny Cope Reel.mp3
22-Elliot Wight-Cock of the North & Uncle Jim.mp3
23-Archie Stewart-Johnny's Reel.mp3
24-Angus McPhee-The Miramichi Fire (An East P.E.I. Version).mp3
25-Peter Chaisson, Sr.-The Haggis & The Bird's Nest.mp3
26-Attwood O'Connor-The Rose In The Garden.mp3
27-Archie Stewart-Paddy On The Turnpike.mp3
28-Peter Chaisson Sr.-Mr. Murray.mp3
29-Attwood O'Connor-Nelly Grey.mp3


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