Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Winston Simpson - Old Time Dance Favourites

01-Hundred Pipers (Belfield).mp3
02-Marching Through Georgia (4 Step).mp3
03-Aurora Waltz (Cross Country Waltz).mp3
04-Hilltop Schottische.mp3
05-Scotland The Brave (Gay Gordon).mp3
06-Seven Step.mp3
07-Shambus O'Brien (Old Time Waltz).mp3
08-Heel And Toe Polka.mp3
09-Courting Day's Two Step.mp3
10-Boyne River Reel.mp3
11-Mary & Winston's Jig.mp3
12-Potato Blossom Festival Waltz.mp3
13-Swamplake Breakdown & Peace River Breakdown.mp3
14-Farmer's Jamboree.mp3
15-Picnic Reel.mp3
16-Boil Them Cabbage Down.mp3


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