Thursday, May 26, 2016

Smiley Bates - 20 Great Country Hits

01-Jeannie's Afraid Of The Dark.mp3
02-Your Angel Steps Out Of Heaven.mp3
03-Hall Of Shame.mp3
04-Bottle Please Let Go Of Me.mp3
05-Will You Love Me When I'm Old and Feeble.mp3
06-Hundred Dollar Funeral.mp3
07-Your Mother's Eyes.mp3
08-Philadelphia Lawyer.mp3
09-Daddy And The Wine.mp3
10-Bringing Mary Home.mp3
11-Must You Throw Dirt In My Face.mp3
12-Flowers For Mama.mp3
13-Ninety-Nine Years.mp3
14-Don't Tell Jeannie I'm Blind.mp3
15-Stone Wall Around Your Heart.mp3
16-Daddy's Drinking Up Our Christmas.mp3
17-My Mother.mp3
18-Cold Hard Facts Of Life.mp3
19-Married By The Bible.mp3
20-The Bottom Of The Bottle.mp3


Special thanks to Mr. Meadowlark.

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