Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Complete Canadian Yodel Song Sessions Of Tex Cochrane 1937-1939

01-Roundup Days In Cheyenne.mp3
02-I Missed A Little Miss In Mississippi.mp3
03-My Home On The Montana Range.mp3
04-Christmas On The Range.mp3
05-My Sun Bonnet Girl Of The Prairie.mp3
06-My Little Prairie Pal.mp3
07-My Pal Of My Mountain Days.mp3
08-My Sweetheart Of Yesterday.mp3
09-Silvery Moon Guide Me Back Homeward.mp3
10-Goin' Home In The Twilight.mp3
11-I Miss You Dear Old Dad.mp3
12-The Fate Of My Texas Home.mp3
13-The Roaming Hillbilly.mp3
14-Echo Lullaby Yodel.mp3
15-Twilight Yodel Song.mp3
16-My Old Cowpony And I.mp3


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