Monday, May 30, 2016

Winston "Scotty" Fitzgerald - It's New

01-Miss Hutton; The Braes of Tullymet (Strathspeys); Miss Johnson of Pitworth (Reel).mp3
02-Crawford Street; Janet Beaton (Jigs).mp3
03-The Fire Fly; The Horn (Hornpipes).mp3
04-The Haggis; Cabar Feidh (Reels).mp3
05-James F. Dickie's-J. Scott Skinner (Strathspeys); Mrs. E. MacLeod (Reel).mp3
06-The Wizard (Clog); Kerr's Hornpipe.mp3
07-The Mill of Newe (Strathspey); Mrs. J. Forbes (Reel).mp3
08-Medley of Cape North Jigs.mp3
09-Welcome to Your Feet (Strathspey); Bonnie Lass of Fisherow; Birds Nest (Reels).mp3
10-Spring Bank House (Strathspey); Dismal (Reel).mp3
11-Cape Wrath (Strathspey); Janet Beaton (Reel).mp3
12-Tom MacCormack; Capers (Jigs).mp3


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