Thursday, June 16, 2016

Colin J. Boyd - Pioneer Scottish Fiddler

01-The Little Burnt Potato.mp3
02-Casey's Pig.mp3
03-Tarbolton Lodge.mp3
04-Sterling Castle.mp3
05-The Flowers Of May.mp3
06-Medley Of Highland Flings.mp3
07-Medley Of Strathspeys & Reels.mp3
08-Medley Of Scottish Reels.mp3
09-Medley Of Scottish Jigs.mp3
10-Paddy On The Turnpike.mp3
11-Domhnull Tailear; Brochan Lom.mp3
12-Heather On The Hill; Bonnie Annie; Cabar Feidh.mp3
13-Little John's Hame; This Is No My Ain Lassie; Jamie Hardie.mp3
14-The Mist On The Loch; Bonnie Lass O' Fisher Row.mp3


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