Sunday, June 26, 2016

In Celebration of 100 Years of Recorded Sound

01-1888-Baron Stanley of Preston talk at Toronto Industrial Ex.mp3
02-1889-Instrumental Waltz - Berliner 5 in.mp3
03-1889-The Lord's Prayer - Emile Berliner - Berliner 5 in.mp3
04-1892-Berliner's First Commercial Record - Fife & Drum Band.mp3
05-1902-Scotland's Pride - Regimental Band of Gordon Highlanders.mp3
06-1904-Berliner Demonstration Record - C.N.E.mp3
07-1905-L'improvisateur - Joseph Saucier.mp3
08-1915-Band of 106th Winnipeg Light Infantry Band - In Old Quebec.mp3
09-1918-Sir Thomas White - Victory Loan, 1918.mp3
10-1920-Guest Merriman Electrical Recording of Remembrance Day Service.mp3
11-1920-Mohawk Chief Os-Ke-Non-Ton - Happy Song (Mohawk).mp3
12-1924-Guy Lombardo and His Royal Canadians - So this is Venice.mp3
13-1927-Vive la Canadienne.mp3
14-1927-Mackenzie King at Diamond Jubilee.mp3


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