Monday, July 18, 2016

Buddy MacMaster - The Judique Flyer

01-Donald Angus Beaton Set (Joey Beaton piano).mp3
02-Alex MacDonnell's Favourite (Betty Lou Beaton piano).mp3
03-Captain O'Kane (Tracey Dares piano).mp3
04-St. Elmo Clog Set (Marie MacLellan piano).mp3
05-Memories of Fr. Charles MacDonald (Maybelle Chisholm piano).mp3
06-Paulette Bissonette Set (Dave MacIsaac guitar).mp3
07-The Little Pickle Set (Joel Chiasson piano).mp3
08-Trip To Mabou Ridge Set (Jackie Dunn piano).mp3
09-E Minor Jigs (Mac Morin Piano).mp3
10-Fr. John Angus Rankin Set (Hilda Chiasson piano).mp3
11-Mrs. Ferguson of Wreaths (Mary Jesse MacDonald piano).mp3
12-The Second Star Hornpipe Set (Howie MacDonald piano).mp3
13-The Lockerbie Lament (Doug MacPhee piano).mp3
14-Duncan Johnstone Set (Mary Elizabeth MacInnis piano).mp3


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