Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Folksongs of the Miramichi - Lumber and River Songs from the Miramichi Folk Fest

01-Wilmot MacDonald-The Lumberman's Alphabet.mp3
02-Wilmot MacDonald-Peter Emberley - Peter Amberley.mp3
03-Stanley MacDonald-Roger the Miller.mp3
04-Marie Hare-Round Her Mantle So Green.mp3
05-Art Matchett-The Banks of the Miramichi.mp3
06-Sam Jagee-The Silvery Tide.mp3
07-James Brown-The Good Old State of Maine.mp3
08-Angelo Dornan-Pretty Susan.mp3
09-Allan Kelly-The Petit Moine.mp3
10-Nick Underhill-The Jones Boys.mp3


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