Monday, July 4, 2016

Jerry Holland - Fiddler's Choice

01-Wake Up To Cape Breton Medley.mp3
02-Everyone's Fancy.mp3
03-Miss Hutton's Medley.mp3
04-Boo Baby's Lullaby.mp3
05-Alexander William MacDonnell.mp3
06-Ashley Maclsaac's Request.mp3
07-Paul Cranford's Medley.mp3
08-Fiddling Friends.mp3
09-Thelma MacPherson's Raised Bass Set.mp3
10-For My Mother Dear.mp3
11-Glenn And Karl's Set.mp3
12-Dave ''Normaway'' MacDonald's Wedding.mp3
13-Dance Your Heart Away.mp3
14-Roderick Cameron's Set.mp3
15-Paddy's Trip To Scotland.mp3


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